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Bottlenose dolphin - 1996(Schleich - Sea Animals 1:32).

Started by Jetoar, October 26, 2014, 01:45:22 PM

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Hello friends, this is the figure of Bottlenose dolphin ( Tursiops truncatus ) Montagu, 1821 of Schleich - Sea Life. Total lenght is 110 mm and scale is 1:32. This figure was relased in 1996 and it was retired. They are the most familiar dolphins due to the wide exposure they receive in captivity in marine parks and dolphinaria, and in movies and television programs. They inhabit temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world, and are absent only from polar waters.

Schleich have done a lot of figures of animals of land and sea with more details than the older version, but they have a great collection of sea animals have been retired currently and this year because they have launched and new figures of sea animals.
This figure is a good example of this situation. I think that this figure is a nice but not accurate reply of this animal. Schleich have done four bottle nose dolphins and this is the firts of this figures. I bought this figure in a flea market, one month ago  ^-^ .
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