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Komodo Dragon ( Mojo-Wildlife)

Started by OkapiBoy, October 19, 2014, 12:38:52 AM

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Mojo's version of the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon. Endemic to the island of Komodo in Indonesia, Komodo Dragons are versatile animals. As young animals, they are mostly found on trees. This keeps them safely out of reach of the cannibalistic adults. Only at a certain size do they move down to the ground. AS adults, they can be found from the coast, grasslands, forest, and savannah where they hunt animals big and small, from rats, other reptiles, to large mammals like deer, buffalo, and pig.
Mojo's figure is my favorite of the komodo figures currently out there. It has a more natural feel and look to it than the Papo and Safari versions.


The colouration looks especially nice! :) The major problem with Papo's version is the strange greenish colouration. My favourite Komodo Dragon toy is still the AAA version (walk-around by Jetoar), even if the paint job is not as good as that of Mojö's Komodo Dragon.


One of the best replicas of this specie  ^-^.
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