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Sun bear ( Mojo Wildlife)

Started by OkapiBoy, October 07, 2014, 12:29:31 AM

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Here we have one of the few sun bear figures out there. This one is from Mojo, part of their 2014 release. Sun bear is  the smallest of all the true bear species, and also the most airboreal of them, spending the majority of their time on trees. Little is know of their habits int he wild as they are secretive in nature and hard to maintain and breed in captivity. Like many of the bear species worldwide, the sun bear is also an endangered species.
This figure is truly one of the gems in Mojo's 2014 lineup and worth adding to any collection. It's a very well made figure and also the largest figure of the species thatI know of.

And here he is with the Bullyland's moon or sloth bear, another unique and hard to find figure ( I think its retired already, there was also a cub)


Wonderful sculpt and paint work, too! :) And it's bigger than I expected. I believe it's still not available in Germany, just like the Black-crested Macaque, I wish I could finally get the both of them.


Definetly Mojo figures are one of the best  ^-^.
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Yes, wonderful figurine but for me the best figurine of this specie have Colorata  :)


I enjoy the figure and it's position although for collectors who are more size conscious this figure is quite large given how small Sun Bears are.