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Papuan Jellyfish (Kaiyodo - Aquatales Polyresin)

Started by brontodocus, October 05, 2014, 08:59:19 PM

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Good figures of jellyfishes have always been scarce, so I was very happy Kaiyodo included one in their new Aquatales resin line. Here is a walk-around of the Kaiyodo Aquatales Polyresin Aquatic animal figure collection Series 2 No. 003 Papuan or Spotted Jellyfish, Mastigias papua (Lesson, 1830). Length including oral arms is approx. 90 mm, diameter of the umbrella is 38 mm, so the scale is between approx. 1:3 and 1:6. This is a relatively small (umbrellar diameter approx. 100 - 230 mm) jellyfish belonging to the Rhizostomeae, a group of scyphozoan medusae which lack any tentacles but have eight instead of four manubrial or oral arms. Most Rhizostomeae feed on tiny microplancton which are sucked in through a multitiude of tiny openings in the manubrial arms rather than through a central mouth opening. Due to the lack of tentacles many (but not all) Rhizostomeae are relatively harmless and several species, e.g. the common Eastern Atlantic Rhizostoma pulmo (=R. octopus), have so weak nematocysts that they can be handled with bare hands without any significant irritations (though I must confess I once felt a very faint itching at my wrists after handling a large specimen last year). Mastigias papua itself has a wide geographic distribution from Indonesia to Japan, although it has been suggested that the taxon may have to be split up into several species with a much more restricted range. Perhaps the most notable occurence of this coastal and lagoon-dwelling species is the dense population in Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk Island, Palau. Like many other invertebrates the Papuan Jellyfish has not been assessed by IUCN ("Not Evaluated" = NE), yet.

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