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Male Lowland Anoa ( Bestiari)

Started by OkapiBoy, October 02, 2014, 01:35:40 AM

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And here we have the companion species for the babyrousa, the lowland anoa ( Bubalus depressiconis). Another beautiful piece by the talented Joan Milelire Soler. Anoa's are obscure species, so it is with great joy to finally have one.
Just like the babyrousa, this figure is 1/16 scale and also happens to be # 6. Anoa's are secretive animals. There are the two sub-species; the lowland and mountain.Anoas are small bovid, standing barely 31 inches tall at the shoulder. They look like miniature buffalo. Both are endemic to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Both are also endangered. Not much is know about their lifestyle in the wild.

With it's companion the babyrousa
and with some of the figures in my collection by the same artist.


A phantastic figurine too!! Big congrats for this anoa too :)


Congrats, OkapiBoy, a simply wonderful figure! :)


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Joan Milelire

Thank you very much for posting! I'm happy that models have arrived to you!