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Blue Wildebeest (Papo - Wild Animals)

Started by brontodocus, December 27, 2012, 08:33:29 AM

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A walk-around of Papo's Blue or Common Wildebeest, Connochaetes taurinus (Burchell, 1823) from the Wild Animals line or "Les Animaux Sauvages".
The shoulder height of this figure is 79 mm, so corresponding to a shoulder height of adult specimens between 1.18 and 1.45 m the scale would be approx. 1:15 - 1:18.

Edit 2017-02-07: Fixed broken image urls.


I have only the Schleich version but he is a cool figure  ^-^.
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Still my favourite Gnu figure :).
Papo captured its expression do well!


Indeed, Postsaurischian! All too often Wildebeest are portrayed as seemingly sluggish, dopey animals. Papo, however, have created a superb lively stance for this one  -  he looks great! I am already beginning to visualise so many dioramas....  :))


Papo Blue Wildebeest image urls repaired. :)