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"Pacific Viperfish" (Chap Mei ~ Animal Planet)

Started by stargatedalek, August 08, 2014, 09:04:58 PM

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sorry for the poor quality pics

The Pacific viperfish, Chauliodus macouni, is a predatory fish that lives in the abyssal depths of the deep sea. In daytime it can be found from 200–5000 m below the ocean surface. At night it swims up into shallower depths of less than 200m where food is more plentiful. Pacific viperfish will mostly eat crustaceans and small fish. They typically reach lengths of up to 1 foot and are considered an example of deep-sea gigantism. It is believed that its first dorsal fin's photophores are used to attract prey.

The one on the right is made of hard plastic whereas the one on the left is made of soft plastic. The exaggerated and almost cartoon-ish expressions only serve to take away further from an already struggling figure in terms of accuracy.

approximate scale 1:2
with the intended scale of 1:17 they are 187cm long



Since the first dorsal spine is apparently modified to an elongated and illuminated lure those would probably represent Viperfishes, Chauliodus sp., which are also members of the Stomiidae.