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"Giant Anglerfish" (Chap Mei ~ Animal Planet)

Started by stargatedalek, August 08, 2014, 08:17:43 PM

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sorry for the poor quality pics, it was hard to get a good one with the scale of this (at times annoyingly) large fish

Part of the Animal Planet line, this fish is almost as inaccurate as most of the programs on Animal Planet these days. The fins are translucent, but not as much so as the eyes and lure. The eyes and lure look as if they were meant to light up, but rather they filter light through them, less impressive than it sounds. The attention to detail is the same as is to be expected from any Chap Mei (or most such action figures really). If you push on the dorsal fin the tongue will press against the roof of the mouth (pictured).

Being so generic its impossible to determine what species its based on (even more so since it seems to be have features of hatchetfish mixed in) and therefore impossible to determine a "correct" scale. So I stuck with the intended scale of 1:17 (the human is a basic figure from the Chap Mei Animal Planet line). Which places this "giant anglerfish" at 425cm long, yikes.


Oh my god, i hope i will never meet a fish with this theeth and size in the open water :)



Although it's so far from representing any existing anglerfish, I like it somehow! :) I've seen it on ebay going for quite high prices on several occasions.


unfortunately it had a pretty limited run, I mean its interesting but I would personally not pay as much as most seem to be going for online

Hercules beetle

I got that in a pack with a boat and a diver. it looks like the one in nemo and that's the only explanation i can give it!


thats probably the same pack I got it in

very apt description he-he :D