Japanese Freshwater Crab (Nature Techni Colour - Nature of Japan Vol.2)

Started by postsaurischian, July 26, 2014, 05:36:01 PM

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Series:   Nature of Japan Vol.2
                                     (This is figure No.17)


Nice figure. I have it too (no surprises there). I love that she has eggs. It's one of at least 5-6 figures I have of this species (Kaiyodo and Epoch have done them too, in various color forms).

Kaiyodo original Animatales did one in orange, white, and possible blue. For their Birdtales line they did it in orange and blue (also gravid with eggs). I have Epoch's orange one and I think they also did a blue one.

My day job is a parasitologist at the CDC; this crab is a common source of lung fluke disease (Paragonimus westermanni).


Geothelphusa dehaani

I checked, and in addition to this one I have the following replicas of this species:

Kaiyodo Animaltales: blue and white (I don't have the original in orange)
Kaiyodo Birdtales: orange (there is also a blue Figure I don't have)
Epoch: orange (there is also a blue figure I don't have)
F-toyes, Creatures of the Waterside: brown
Kitan Club Nature Techni Colour, crab set: dark brown (this was a set that had like 8 or so of this same species, all differnet colors. At the time, I only wanted one representative of the set).

So, including the last as one, there many variations of this species available :)


I love it, a little beauty she is ;)
sawagani crabs are quite a nice looking crab, and this figure is great with its particularly bold colours
these are an absolute dream to care for, I've never owned one myself but I've had them recommended a few times



 :) Thanks for the comments!

And thanks for the info, Blaine :) .... here it is in combat with Kaiyodo's 'Birdtales' version:


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