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Western painted turtle

Started by stemturtle, July 20, 2014, 11:00:57 PM

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This beautiful turtle is a common sight in Minnesota.

Western painted turtle, Chrysemys picta bellii, basking in a pond.

Jetoar posted a walk-around of a figure of this species by Larami:

The red plastron should have a splotch, as shown in this repaint of a red-eared slider by Safari, Incredible Creatures,
originally posted on Version 1 of the Dinosaur Toy Forum.


I own 2 (live)
Jaws and Claws


These things love to Cross the highway here in Iowa. Me, and my dad used to catch them, and take them home as "Let Go Pets". We seen the in many sizes, and the biggest one I caught was on the railroad Tracks by the River.

Today, I never see them, because my dad died, and I cant get out in the wetlands as much anymore.


Glad to see that others share my appreciation for this turtle, stargatedalek and Takama and Rex.
In early June many females cross highways to find nesting sites. 
We can prevent a road kill by carrying her across to the other side.


Really beautiful replica with a beautiful color pattern  ^-^.
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I think the figure is a custom paint app
I can't say for certain


Quote from: stargatedalek on July 21, 2014, 05:13:34 PM
I think the figure is a custom paint app
I can't say for certain

You are correct, stargatedalek.
I repainted the Safari red-eared before I finally found a Larami western painted figure.


Nice job on the repaint! It looks much better than the Larami.

Painteds are not so common down here in Tennessee. I think the sliders exclude them from a lot of habitats they occupy further north. I'm always excited when I see one- usually in a willow- and buttonbush-choked backwater.


I've never seen a western painted turtle wild, just eastern
(if they were native they would be illegal to keep)


Yeah, we have midlands down here around me, and southerns not far away. They're all pretty turtles. Here in TN it's illegal to keep any turtle, so you're one up there.

I was lucky enough to work in the herpetology lab when I was in college; we had a number of (mostly native) turtles used for demonstrations, and occasional study animals passed through too. So, I've gotten to care for quite a few of our local species, including both subspecies (or species, depending who you ask) of painted turtle found nearby. I miss that job. :(


I've done some volunteer work at the local museums live gallery, they have a couple of turtles but mostly frogs

its illegal to buy or sell turtles in Nova Scotia, but if you buy them in another province and then transport them yourself, its legal to own them
with so many endangered or threatened native turtles its important to have such regulations to prevent people buying them on a whim and eventually releasing them


Thanks for the kind comments about the repaint, Jetoar and Newt.


A beautieful turtle figurine  :)


That's an awesome repaint of the IC Red-eared Slider, stemturtle! 8)