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Diana Monkey (CollectA - Wild Life)

Started by brontodocus, July 15, 2014, 12:36:30 PM

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Walk-around of the CollectA Wild Life 88673 Diana Monkey, Cercopithecus diana (Linnaeus, 1758). Snout-vent length is 52 mm with a tail length of approx. 75 mm so the scale is between approx. 1:8 and 1:10. The Safari Ltd Wildlife Wonders Western Gorilla, Gorilla gorilla, is approx. 1:8 - 1:9 scale (please forgive that I chose a figure representing an animal with a geographical range that doesn't really match even though both are Western African species but I don't have many other figures of the same scale). Despite being shown in many zoological gardens the Diana Monkey is actually not that common in the wild anymore and its geographical range is restricted to Western Africa from Southern Guinea to Ghana (the geographical range is somewhat similar to that of the Pygmy Hippopotamus, Choeropsis liberiensis). Threatened by habitat loss (deforestation) and overconsumption (hunting for bushmeat) and with a decreasing allover population trend (and the Roloway Monkey which is either considered a separate species or a subspecies of the Diana Monkey, C. d. roloway is even more endangered than the nominate subspecies) it is listed on Appendix I of CITES and considered "Vulnerable" by IUCN.

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Lovely replica of this monkey specie. Thanks for share as always friend ^-^.
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Walk-around images of CollectA Diana Monkey are also working again. :)