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Takamas Trip to the Saint Louis Zoo

Started by Takama, July 13, 2014, 03:08:51 AM

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Hello All.

Just today I went with my parents, and brother and sister(Technically, were not related, and my Real Dad is deceased, but its easier to refer to them as such because my mom is Close Friends with them) To the Saint Louis Zoo, one of the best Zoos in the Nation. I managed to get a quite a few photos of the animals we seen. My new Camera is a wondrous piece of tech, allowing me to take photos of animals that are Very far away without Blur.   Since I Just got home, I will Start this with some photos, and post more later.

First off, theres these Statues that we seen as we walked to the zoos entrance.

Once inside, the first live animal we see are Ducks

and some Sea Lion Sculptures

From here, we took the little train around the zoo to get an idea of were everything is at, while on the train, I managed to get the rear end of a Tiger.

Heres my Sister, Brother, and Dad on the train

Once we were done on the train, we walked through a river exhibit, first thing we saw was a Blue and Gold Macaw.

yes its not looking at us, but there was no way to get at its face.

Second Animals in this exhibit are a few bears that I thought were spectacled, but were not.

Next were these creatures, I think there called Bush Dogs, and they were hiding in there pin

Im sure We all know what this is, The largest rodent on earth (Capybara)

next is the Black Rhino, but at this time, he was not around. But these Ibis birds were in his place

On up the exhibit, there were these Painted Hunting Dogs, that were all lying against the wall.

and then the rhino decided to show himself as far away as possible, but thanks to my camera, I got a decent shot of him.

RED RIVER HOGS.  Thanks to CollectA, there my favorite Pigs.

There was this cage on the pathway with birds in it. But Getting Pics of all of them was a bust, so I just got this one that stood close to us

And now we have the animal that everyone was happy to see, despite it being the most dangerous animal from Africa
Before I saw this creature in person on dry land, I always wondered why Safari LTDs Hippo Figures are Purple, but here I can see Why.

Here's a shot of them Swimming.

Spotted Hyenas

Cobra Statue

Asian Elephants. There were a lot of them, I think they were separated by Sex, but I don't know for sure.

Also This lizard was roaming freely, and it tried to attack My Sister.   :affraid:   

Just Kidding, its another sculpture.

Mommy Elephant and Baby.

also a Juvenile


also, a giant Beetle

We then made our way into the children's Zoo, were we found some more interesting animals. There was this little building that housed some small creatures, and one enclosure had these Echidnas walking around, it was a pain to get a good photo of them, because they just keep moving.

There Room mate on the other hand, was just lazy, and sat in his tree. (Its a Tree Kangaroo)

In that building, there were also Meircats, they were adorable little things that wanted attention, I managed to get some good shots of them.


Phantastic pics, it looks like a phantastic day for you  :)


Looks  like a great zoo :)! Also, I'm quite certain those are spectacled bears.
"We predators have long ruled the wild Earth while abiding the rules of nature. Under our rule, landscapes remain fertile. Under YOUR rule, nothing lasts long."
-Mauricio Anton


Nice photos!  Did you happen to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden too?

The ducks appear to be American Black Ducks, or perhaps hybrids of Black Ducks and Mallards. The other bird is a Vulturine Guineafowl.  The fish are Bighead Carp.


they could be young mallards, right time of year
I think the ibis are sacred ibis

great pictures, looks like you had fun :)


After we were done in the Building, My family found a little Show, that showed off some animals.  The Show started off with a Barn Owl, but I alredy seen one of those  during Eagles Days in Iowa. So I took a look ahead, and found some Domestic alpacas

But then I saw something new at the show. So I got back, sat down, and took a Picture.

Then they brought out an Eagle

Then Finally, the were hinting at what the next animal was. They said it ate Ants, so I thought it was going to be a little Tamadua, but then when I looked to my side, there comes this weird creature, that I never expected in a children's zoo. It was a Aardvark!

Sorry about the blurry pic right here, my camera did not adjust correctly to get its face.

After the show, the woman started walking the creature as if it were a Dog, I was amazed at how tame it seemed, and I never thought that I would get this close to a Aardvark in my life.

here's my sissy, Who posed for a picture

We were now in the Playground area of the park, there was not much here. There was this Hollow Hippo Statue that the kids could climb in. and a Slide that goes through a River Otter tank.

I did not get any pics of the otters, but I did get a picture of this statue of them.

After we were done with the children's zoo, I begged my parents to let me go inside the Main entrance, because inside, were three famous Models of three Sea creatures hanging from the ceiling

Giant Squid

Great White Shark

and a Hammer Head Shark

But when we were inside, there was something that caught my eye in the zoos educational room, Is that What I think it is?

Oh Yes it was, a Giganotosaurus Model, and a Small Ornithopod Dinosaur.


Quote from: Newt on July 14, 2014, 11:11:07 PM
Nice photos!  Did you happen to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden too?

The ducks appear to be American Black Ducks, or perhaps hybrids of Black Ducks and Mallards. The other bird is a Vulturine Guineafowl.  The fish are Bighead Carp.

No. I did not got to the gardans. I've been there as a kid though, but we don't have any of the photos.   We spent the entire day at the zoo recently and everyone was exausted from walking in the heat.   My mom does plan on takeing me back to Sanit louis To see the science center.


After my visit to the North entrance, we made our way to the Reptile house. But on the way, we stopped by the lake to see the various water birds that were roaming freely in the water.



and Pelicans,

On are way, we made a Trip through a Underwater Tunnel with Sea Lions swimming

And then we made it to the outside of the reptile house.   Outside are some Galapagos Tortoises

and a Hidden Alligator

Inside the house there were many species of reptiles and amphibians, but due to the need to keep up with my family, I was not able to get them all photographed.

Hidden iguanas

Hidden Soft-shell Turtle

Green Tree Python

Fire Salamander

Mexican Beaded Lizards (There a lot bigger then I Expected)

Another Tree Constrictor

and a Diamondback Rattlesnake with his Turtle Friend (or is it his lunch?)

and now we come to the big guns

I forgot what these were called, I thought they were Gavials, but the sign had a name that started with T

Next are the Giant Green Anacondas that were in separate pins

This one was under water

This one was more Visible

Finally, we have a black monitor


Nice photos, Takama!  :)
Quote from: Takama and Rex on August 04, 2014, 02:14:58 AM
I forgot what these were called, I thought they were Gavials, but the sign had a name that started with T
They're False Gharials, Tomistoma schlegelii. :) They were once thought to be Crocodylinae but now they are placed within Gavialidae so they would be the Gharial's closest extant relatives.