Hippopatomus (1996) (Wild Safari - Wildlife)

Started by Takama, July 12, 2014, 11:07:31 PM

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This is the first Hippo Figure made by Safari Ltd. It was originally Colored Pale Grey, but it recently was repainted to match the new model that was released in 2014

I got this at the Saint Louis Zoo, which sells There figures at high Prices, but I did not care to much.

My question is, why is it Purple, Here's a Real Hippo I seen at the zoo

I can see some Purple, but its mostly Grey.   



Really beautiful and old figure. Old figures are a treasure  ^-^.
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What a difference the new paintjob makes! :) I never bought it because the original colour version didn't look right which was a pity because the sculpt always looked great. So I think I should get me one with my next batch (and make sure I won't accidently buy old stock).


When Greg Wenzel and I did the sculpts for Safari, we had no control of the paint schemes. That was quite a let down as we both felt we had a much better feel of what the animals should look like. The paint samples we sent were either heavily modified or ignored for the most part.