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Rough Snailfish (Kaiyodo -Deep Sea)

Started by stargatedalek, July 05, 2014, 01:29:26 AM

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its a lovely little figure
the only thing that seems a little off is the colouration on the fins as they near the tail,  most specimens I've seen the fins darken as they near the tail
but thats just a slight detail, it doesn't take away from the piece
its small (as you can see) and doesn't take up much space
the base has the name on one side and the size and native depth on the other
a must for any deep sea fans collection,  its size makes a lovely companion piece for dioramas
the base is made of two separate pieces, the "bottle cap" and a clear peg, the peg tends to stay in the snailfish when it comes off but it comes off cleanly from the fish afterwards

The snailfish family is poorly studied and few specifics are known. Their elongated, tadpole-like bodies are similar in profile to the rattails. Their heads are large with small eyes; their bodies are slender to deep, tapering to very small tails. The extensive dorsal and anal fins may merge or nearly merge with the tail fin. Snailfish are scaleless with a thin, loose gelatinous skin; some species, such as the spiny snailfish (Acantholiparis opercularis) have prickly spines, as well. Their teeth are small and simple with blunt cusps. The deep-sea species have prominent, well-developed sensory pores of the head, part of the animals' lateral line system.

scale is approximately 1:12 - 1:15


Kaiyodo - deep sea creatures are really awesome  ^-^.
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they sure are :)
I hope to get some more of these sometime



Lovely figure, stargatedalek, I have the entire Deep Sea Odyssey sets 1 and 2 minus the secret figures, they're brilliant and among my favourite Kaiyodos. :) I'm not sure if the darkened fins are merely due to colour variation but there are over 100 species within the genus (Careproctus) and I've seen quite a few photos that match the figure's colouration well. From what I've read, the figure is meant to represent Careproctus trachysoma, at least most photos I could find of this one didn't show any black fins, e.g. here, here, and here.


they are amazing indeed, I hope I can find the rest of the series at some point
I think you are correct with the fins, that first pic you referenced you can see a bit of what I mean, perhaps it varies by individual or by age


I remember my Rough Snailfish. It was the first one I had and the one that started my small collection  ;D. But I seem to have lost it over the years. :'(