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Anhinga (Safari Ltd - Wings of the World)

Started by postsaurischian, June 14, 2014, 03:22:08 PM

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The photo session was complicated by this fish that kept on attacking my feet aggressively >:( ;D.
Can someone identify him?


The fish is a pumpkinseed, Lepomis gibbosus.  I like the figure for the most part, though I wish the crest were down.  Good old water turkey!


Quote from: Newt on June 14, 2014, 06:27:33 PM
The fish is a pumpkinseed, Lepomis gibbosus.

:D Thanks for the quick info. That saves me some time.
After our short encounter I wanted to know more about the brave little fellow.


Lepomis are pretty neat fish.  If you're an aquarium enthusiast, Lepomis do well in tanks and are lots of fun to watch; they're a bit aggressive, though. 

It's a good thing for him that anhinga isn't real!



Wow, the Anhinga looks superb, and once again what a brilliant walk-around with all these outside photos, Helge! :) Oh, and in the third picture the Anhinga apparently caught a giant ant! :o ;D