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avatar_Cape Buffalo

Jaguar (Safari Ltd. - Vanishing Wild)

Started by Cape Buffalo, May 08, 2014, 01:00:31 PM

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Cape Buffalo

I am wondering why I didn't see a separate thread on this beautiful Safari ltd. series of Vanishing Wild Animals .

The animals in this  series are Classic and unlimitedly gorgeous , Some are huge .

First , let me start with JAGUAR , he is a very powerful figurine . I love his aggressive expression and the posture is mind blowing  :-* :-* :-*
The fur details , it's texture and his body contour make him very Classic



Jaguar looks really cool as AAA figures  ^-^.
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I realised this thread is about the whole Vanishing Wild line. So, I split the general overview posts by @Fukuiraptor and @Cape Buffalo into a new topic here: , and renamed this thread based on the first post, do now it is specifically a walk-around of the jaguar.