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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Started by Ludichris1, May 08, 2014, 12:00:11 AM

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I want to get some horse figurines, and I looked up all the current (and some ended) models of horses from quite a few brands. However, I've only narrowed down the amount of figurines to... 113. I keep trying but it's so hard. How are you supposed to choose between figurines? There are things I like about some that aren't in others, and yet those others have things I like that aren't in still others. How do you guys decide between figurines? I could really use the advice!  :(


If you see them both in a toy shop try leaving to pay with one and if you don't want to buy the other one!
Or I try to find them in a shop and see them in the flesh (plastic).

Hope that helped  :D


Thanks :). Was wondering if anyone else would reply but guess not o-O. Seeing the real deal helped quite a bit :D