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General Lee's Traveller (Breyer)

Started by Takama, April 27, 2014, 03:09:27 AM

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Heres something I never thogh I own.   A Breyer Horse!  For those who don't know, Breyer is famous for making Horses.  I seen them in Farm Shops around here in Iowa, and from what I heard, there very popular, However My mom said she(Jokingly) would kill me if I started collecting horses, so I never took an interest in them.

However, My Moms Boyfriend had a Bag of Toys that he wanted to take to the dump (They were his family's toys, Nothing was mine) However, while waiting for the time to take it there, my dogs got ahold of it and made a mess in the backyard that I had to clean up.  Among the many old Toys was a Schleich Knight (that was unfortunately chewed beyond repair)and a big horse. The Horse made me curios so I pick it up and examined it until I found a round Breyer logo under its leg. Having never owned these before, I took it in the house to clean it up to be presentable on the internet.

Thanks to a STS Forum Member, I found out that this Horse was a General Lee's Traveller from the late 90s

Here He is. My mom said I could keep it,  ^-^