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Mojö figures originally sculpted by Anna (Ana)

Started by postsaurischian, April 24, 2014, 01:20:26 PM

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I'd like to dedicate this thread to the figures released by Mojö Fun that are originally sculpted by our forum member Anna.
In my opinion they are among the best the company has to offer :).
I bought two of the three figures I have without knowing they were made by Anna.
That was not a coincidence :). Maybe I have more and I do not even know it!

So it would be nice if you, Anna, could show here which models you have sculpted for Mojö so far and what future plans you maybe have with them.
I hope there are more species to come. It would be wonderful if you could keep us updated in this respect :)!

Here are the three I have (the CollectA baby Tapir is not made by Anna):


My website: Paleo-Creatures
My website's facebook: Paleo-Creatures


Mojo Quagga

Mojo Honey Badger male, I never held Anna's female in my hands...

Mojo Fjord horse


Mojo Arabian Mare

Mojo Highland Calf

Mojo Highland Cow

Mojo Pronghorn


Mojo Appaloosa (pictured by Anna)

Mojo Quarter horse (pictured by Anna)

Mojo Honey badger female

Mojo Suffolk Punch Mare

Mojo Morgan Stallion





What a great idea for a thread! :) I always seem to forget the Ratels and Quagga were sculpted by Anna, too, so this means I already have five of her Mojö Fun sculpts. :)


Are all of the figures pictured in this thread by Ana? She has been very busy! They look wonderful :D


Thank you for opening this thread, I feel very happy about it!! Thank you for your kind comments too.   ^-^

Almost all these figures were indeed designed by me. Except the Pronghorn, this is sculpture based on my project but the original prototype that I made was not suitable for toy production: legs were too thin and horns too sharp. On the photo below you can see the first version, on which Mojo figure is based:


I was going to say the only one I wasn't crazy about was the pronghorn - then I saw her explanation. It's a shame they didn't go with Ana's original version...


What do I have to do to get my grubby lil paws on a Mojo Pronghorn more along the lines of what you originally sculpted?

Been looking for a pronghorn figure for a very long time now, and the Mojo figure is all that there is and even that isn't quite to my standards for this species.
(not gonna mention Safari Ltd's with it's wacky horns)