Keel-billed Toucan (Wings of the World by Safari Ltd.)

Review and images by Suspsy; edited by bmathison1972

The toucans of Central and South America are some of the most unmistakable birds in the world thanks to their enormous bills and vivid colours. The beautiful keel-billed toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus), also known as the rainbow-billed or sulphur-breasted toucan, is perhaps the most iconic member of this family.

The Safari Ltd. Wings of the World toucan clearly represents the keel-billed species. This particular version was released in 2016. Prior to that was a version that was identical save for a large red berry sculpted in its mouth, originally released back in 2006. Exactly why the change, I am not certain, but presumably it was easier to manufacture and paint the toy without the berry.

The toucan is sculpted standing tall with its wings folded and its head turning to the right. Thanks to its zygodactyl feet, it can stand just fine without having to use the tail as a prop. It has a height of about 5 cm and a length of 8.5 cm. A real keel-billed toucan can be up to 55 cm long and 500 g in weight, with the bill taking up roughly a third of that length.

Most of this toucan is painted black, but there is a vivid patch of yellow on the head and neck. The eyes are glossy black and ringed with vivid green. The bill is more of a grassy green with dark red tips and streaks of orange and pale blue. Finally, the feet are blue-grey and there is a large patch of red plumage on the rump and a tiny patch of white plumage near the base of the tail. It looks quite beautiful and is in keeping with what we see on a real toucan.

The feathers are nicely sculpted and range from large primaries and retrices to small contours, as should be expected on any good bird figure. The feet have a rough texture and the bill is mostly smooth but features jagged edges for helping it grip onto its food. Like most toucans, the keel-billed species is an omnivore. It mainly eats fruits and seeds, but will also include insects, lizards, eggs, and occasionally even smaller birds in its diet.

Safari Ltd.‘s toucan is an accurate, attractive, and affordable toy that will help brighten up anyone’s animal collection. Available where their products are sold.

With Safari’s green-winged macaw

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