Marsupial Mole (Yowies UK Series 1 by Cadbury)

If there is one evolutionary process I love, it’s convergent evolution, where two completely different species evolve the same adaptations to deal with similar environments. Whether it’s the tenrecs of Madagascar looking like hedgehogs, or the similarities between fish, dolphins and ichthyosaurs, it’s impressive how evolution can take these similarities and apply it to different groups. This includes the many marsupials of Australia, and this review will look at a marsupial that has adaptations that most of the rest of the world associates with moles: the marsupial mole!

To start with, let’s discern the specific species, as there are two, the northern and southern moles. Fortunately, the paper that accompanies the figure, which states it is the southern marsupial mole (Notoryctes typhlops). It’s a pretty good little figure, simple, but all the details are present, it’s claws, tails and mouth are present. The marsupial mole is blind; this has blank ones sculpted in, although inaccurate. This is not too obvious though. It could be a little more golden, but not bad.

The pose is simple, lying flat out. Perhaps it is just on the surface, as the marsupial mole lives underground. As with most Yowie figures, it’s quite small, measuring 2.4″ long and 0.6″ high. This is a Yowie UK model, which means it’s one solid piece rather than the multiple pieces to build, so there is no posability.

This is a charming little model of a rarely made species, and I really like it! They appear frequently on eBay, which is your best place to find it, and very cheaply, as it is discontinued. If you find it, definitely grab it, it’s well worth getting.

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