American Alligator, large (Flopsies by Aurora World)

Review and images by Bryan Divers; edited by bmathison1972

The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is a common staple of swamp wildlife in North America; particularly in places such as North Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. Souvenir shops in these states abound with alligator paraphernalia, and you might even see one in one of the rivers or swamps in these states. Rumors exist that alligators have even spread to the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia, and that a few stragglers have even been seen swimming in the Chesapeake Bay.

This review is for a slightly older stuffed animal that I believe was manufactured around 2010. It is similar to the other plush alligator I reviewed, but not the same. This one is a darker green, is made of a different type of material, and seems to have a longer tail. The feet have individual toes stitched on them. The spikes on her back are also sewn rather than having raw edges like on the other Aurora alligator, so they are not sharp to the touch. She is very, very soft and cuddly, even though an alligator isn’t normally thought of as cuddly!

She measures about 21 inches total length with her tail–about 12 inches without the tail. Though I have to say that she is very soft, floppy, and not bulky. The belly is a light yellow, cream color. Her eyes are copper colored, with slit-like pupils and a black rim around them. Her tag was made to look like an adoption certificate and had a place where you could write her name on it. Her middle is bean-filled and her body is floppy. The snout is slightly tapered and the areas over the eyes and nostrils are raised, which give her a very reptilian look. She is very soft and squeezable. I call her Leah.

This toy is awesome for anyone who likes reptiles or for any alligator or crocodile fan. Children especially will like this toy I’m sure, and a collector of vintage stuffed animals might like it as well. She is a great beach vacation companion! This isn’t a very long review; I admit, but I really have nothing negative to say about this sweet alligator and give her a five out of five. Unfortunately I don’t think she is still being produced in this form so eBay is probably your best bet.

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