Killer Whale (AAA)

The oceans are full of wonderous, graceful but also dangerous animals, though many of these reactions depend on what species you are. This review will look at one that, to us, is graceful, beautiful and intelligence, but to many fish and whales is a dangerous predator, the killer whale (Orcinus orca), or the orca. It is not actually a whale, but a porpoise, like dolphins, it’s common name being a mix up for whale killer, as they are known to kill whale calves. They are somewhat majestic creatures, likely why there are so many models of it. Here, we see one made by AAA. Let’s see how they did!

The paint work here is very well done, though is subject to wear, as can be seen on mine (it has survived rough play, bath play and chewing by either the dog or me). Though the painting is great, the face is a little crude, especially the teeth and eyes, though aren’t completely off life like.

It’s quite a large figure, measuring 8.2″ long and 3″ high, so would work quite well with most lines. It is a dull, basic pose, a straight pose, very similar to the dolphin they made. Not terrible, though some may find it dull.

This is quite nice figure, though some may find the head a little crude. It certainly will be loved by children, coming from my own experience, and will likely be great for a toy box, though possibly not a collectors shelf. It is long discontinued, so eBay is your best bet. I do recommend it from a bias perspective, though I do think people will love it.

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  • The killer whale is still a whale while also being a dolphin. Dolphins are toothed whales of the odontoceti clade. Nice review all the same, I had this toy as a kid, along with a lot of other AAA toys.

  • Great review. Neat look at a vintage toy within the plethora of orcas out there.

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