Fallow Deer (Early Learning Centre)

The “Winter Wonderland” shows many animals adapted to the cold, be it as a result of Bergman’s rule or for animals that change based on the season. Here, we see an example of the latter, the fallow deer (Dama dama), a Eurasian deer, found across Europe and introduced across the globe. Once again, we have an impressive buck, this time courtesy of the Early Learning Centre.

Fallow deer change coat colour depending on the season, with thick dark furs in winter making way for lighter, thinner fur in summer. My last fallow deer review was in summer fashion, but this ism clearly a winter look, the darker brown and sturdier body ready to tackle the harsh cold. The pelt and antlers are spot on, a great representation of this deer.

This stag has an air of magnificence to it’s pose, standing majestically, watching over it’s territory/harem. It’s decently sized figure too, measuring 6″ high and 4.8″ from tail to snout, better in larger figure lines. The paint can chip, but this is due to it being old and roughly played with in the case of my figure.

While this is an older, discontinued figure, it is a decent one, even with the figures released since. There aren’t a lot of fallow deer out there, but I do recommend this one as one of the better ones out there. eBay is the best bet to find it, and I feel kids and collectors would like this one. The next review will see the finale of my “Winter Wonderland”. Stay tuned to see how it finishes!

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