Elk (Authentics Forest by Safari Ltd.)

Once more, we tread into the “Winter Wonderland” With a magnificent creature. The frozen north is full of cervids, better known as deer, from moose to fallow deer. One famous member, found in North America and Europe, is the elk (Cervus canadensis), one of the largest mammals in North America and one of the largest deer in the world (although not as big as the moose). They are common enough to be of Least Concern, and being common meaning there are several models of it, and here is an older version by Safari Ltd.

There are a lot of subspecies, so trying to discern which this is is tricky. The colouration is like that of Roosevelt’s or Tule elk, the nature of the antlers being swept back pointing more to Roosevelt. I feel the antlers are a little overdone, but still a style you do see in elk.

The pose is quite nice, head back, perhaps bellowing to the harem or against a rival. It is a very small figure, measuring 2.2″ long and 2″ high, much like the rest of the Authentics line.

This is quite an old figure now, with many having been produced since with much better quality, but this is still quite a charming figure. Quite retro in a way. If you like it, it can easily be found on eBay.

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