Wild Boar (Wild Safari Wildlife by Safari Ltd.)

An adaptable, intelligent animal, the wild boar (Sus scrofa) was already a successful species long before it was domesticated and transplanted around the world by humans in the form of the domestic pig (S. scrofa domesticus).  Naturally, they range across Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa, where they thrive in a variety of habitats. Because of human introductions they, along with feral hogs, and the mixes between them, have become one of the most widespread of all mammal species. Boars and feral hogs are now as synonymous to places like the American south and Australian outback as they are to their native forests in Europe. Because of its close relationship with humans the wild boar has been prominent in art, literature, and other media for centuries, as such there are several plastic representations as well. Today we’re looking at the Safari Ltd. 2015 wild boar.  

The Safari wild boar measures 3.5” (8.89 cm) in length and stands 2.25” (5.7 cm) tall but figuring out the scale is somewhat tricky due to the immense size variation exhibited by the species. There are 16 different sub-species of the wild boar, some like those found in the Mediterranean may only weigh 110 lbs. (50 kg) while those in Northeast Asia can reach over 600 lbs (270 kg).

This figure appears to represent the Central European boar (S. S. scrofa) whose males average between 165–220 lbs. (75-100 kg) and females average about 30 lbs. smaller. Males of this sub-species measure about 59” (150 cm) so scaling the figure down from that, this boar would be 1/16 in scale.

With its prominent canine teeth this figure does indeed represent a male, even though it has no visible genitals. The figure is also appropriately robust, looking like an animal in its prime.

The shoulders are high and well-muscled which in conjunction with the short thick neck, oversized head, and snout, works as a powerful tool for digging and flipping over rocks and logs. Compared to the front of the animal, the hindquarters appear underdeveloped, but this allows for speed and agility when it’s necessary.

The figure is painted dark brown in color, with the hooves a lighter shade of brown. The canine teeth are white, and the eyes and snout are painted with a glossy, wet-like finish. Hairs are etched into the sculpt in a convincing way, following the various contours of the animal’s body and musculature. The toy’s posture is static, with the right forelimb gently stepping forward.

The wild boar is an animal rarely admired, but they really are magnificent, in the same way you might consider a bison or rhinoceros magnificent. This sculpt does an excellent job of showing the beauty of the beast. Its various anatomical attributes are all brought together in such a way that you cannot help but appreciate its power and efficiency as an animal. Many wild boar figures have been made over the years, and I would count this one among the best of them. The Safari Ltd. wild boar is still in production and can be found for about $6.00 USD.

The Safari Ltd. wild boar with the skull of a domestic pig.

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  • Fantastic! This is the figure I have in my collection to represent the wild boar!

  • A terrific little figure. In truth, it can be pretty much whatever scale someone wants. The C. European Wild Boar can reach over 200kg, so it could just as easily be a 1/20 boar. And I’ve seen pictures of boars in Turkey that must weigh over 250 kg.

    A highly adaptable figure of a highly adaptable animal. 🙂

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