Brown Bear Roaring (AAA)

Once more we delve into the “Winter Wonderland”, to a creature that sleeps during this time of cold and hardships, the bear. These carnivorans are fairly successful, thanks to their ability to tackle any food, be it fauna or flora, to build themselves up for hibernation in the cold winter months. These iconic mammals have often been made into figures, under varying names. Here, we see what AAA have done with these colossal carnivores!

As usual with AAA figures, it just reads “bear”, but it’s large size and colouring makes it obviously a brown bear (Ursus arctos), also called a grizzly bear in some parts. Though it should be noted some black bears can be brown, just as some brown bears can be black.

This is a very dynamic bear, roaring out a challenge or threat to others. Very striking and powerful. It is a large figure, measuring 5.9″ long and 2.5″ high, so try to avoid kids throwing it at siblings, as it is reasonably heavy. It’s colouring is quite dark, but this is seen in brown bears, though the blue eyes are more odd, likely to add more colour to an otherwise brown figure.

While somewhat older, this is still one of the more lively bear models out there, and do recommend it to those looking for a good bear model, in spite of the better quality ones released since. It is discontinued, so eBay is your best shot, but I do think you should give it a go. I feel it’s worth it.

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