Fallow Deer (AAA)

Standing in a glade, head held high, displaying its mighty antlers as he observes his domain. This is the image that comes to my mind when I think of stags, male deer that rut and battle for territory and mates. They are also more common to see in toy form, as their majestic antlers are more likely to grab the attention of kids than the females that lack them. Here, we investigate one such example by AAA.

First, species identification (once again, this is just labelled “Deer”). Based on it’s spotted pelt, you may think it’s a chital (Axis axis), but, as it is lighter in colour and has different antlers, it is more likely the far more common fallow deer (Dama dama), a species native to Europe, but introduced to many countries around the world.

The pose is similar to what I described earlier, looking out, perhaps surveying his territory. It is a decent size, measuring 4″ from nose to tail and 5.4″ from hoof to antler. I will say this is a pretty skinny example, resulting in the legs bending quite easily. While the antlers match the actual animal, I feel they could be a little bigger, much like the legs. The colouring may be a little lighter than in reality, but works well enough, fairly close to the actual animal.

While it has its flaws, I will say that this is still a nice figure, nothing standout, but nice, worthy of a toy box and, for some, a collectors shelf. It has long since been discontinued, so eBay is your best bet. If you see it, certainly consider it.

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