Alpaca (Premier Series by Yowie Group)

Images by Takama; additional text by bmathison1972

The alpaca (Vicugna pacos) is classified as a thoroughly domesticated animal. Even though it has its own species-level epithet, it is merely the domestic form of the vicuña (V. vicugna). The alpaca, along with its vicuña predecessor and the related llama and guanaco, is a South American camel species. The origins of the alpaca are not completely understood, but it is believed they were domesticated in Peru thousands of years ago. Mummified specimens have been dated as nearly 10,000 years old.

This figure was produced for the first wave (Premier Series) by Yowie Group (sometimes referred to as ‘Yowie USA’), a US-based company. Like all Yowies, the figure is quite small, and comparable to Safari ‘TOOB’ figures [Editor’s note: I do not have this figure, so I cannot measure size nor calculate scale].

On to the pics:

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