Komodo Dragon (AAA)

When many animal toys are made, they are often made in a smaller scale, allowing for greater detail yet not fill up toy boxes, also meaning people will buy more of the smaller figures. Not all companies follow this, however, such as AAA, who produced some whopping great reptile models. In this review, we shall inspect the large model of the largest lizard in the world, the Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis).

Let us address the size with exactly how large it is. Measuring 13″ long from tail to snout, 2.8″ from top of the head to underbelly and 6.7″ at it’s widest, this is a very large figure. But this doesn’t mean they have skimped on details. The nails and scales look phenomenal, resulting in a very life like model.

The colour scheme may seem a little dull in comparison to other Komodo Dragon models, but it does match the colours seen on the real animal. The pose seems a little awkward, a lying-down position, resulting in a sprawl and spreading the belly. While this is correct to how the anatomy of a Komodo would be, I feel it makes it look a little too pudgy and flat. The nails are very long too, but not horribly so. It also has a moulded anus. That is all I choose to say on that matter.

This is a lovely ‘little’ figure, in spite of the flaws I mentioned, and certainly makes for a stupendous centrepiece to a collection. It can still be found in certain shops, as I picked this one up at Crocodiles of the World. The best shot is still eBay though, and I highly recommend picking it up if you see it.

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