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Author Topic: The Mighty Fighter Elephant with Rider (Schleich - World of History, New Heroes)  (Read 19891 times)


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There is another one made by Plastoy. It is not nearly as nice (I am guessing--I've only seen one picture).

It's not exactly Schleich quality (nothing Plastoy is) but it would be fun to get a couple to round out an army!


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Fancy! Quite similar.


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I wish the pictures still worked. A lot seem not to on this site. Only Cape Buffalo's actually show up.
I like turtles.


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I wish the pictures still worked. A lot seem not to on this site. Only Cape Buffalo's actually show up.
Sorry for that and thanks for the heads up... my images are hosted on facebook and were never deleted but fb seems to change the image urls from time to time without notification. It's suboptimal to host images there but it's for free and has no bandwith or storage size limit. If you come across other walk-arounds you'd like to see updated, please let me know. It'll take some time when there are many to fix but the images are still hosted more or less in the same order they were originally placed in the walk-around so after the urls are fixed everything should look like new. Here in this case, the images should be visible again. :)


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I may be wrong but is this the same model as the 2012 African Elephant male? It looks very similar to me. 😊
Don't I take long uploading photos!


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