Author Topic: Correcting paintjob to Science & Nature wedge-tailed eagle  (Read 213 times)


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Correcting paintjob to Science & Nature wedge-tailed eagle
« on: September 19, 2020, 09:15:50 AM »
Hello! Maybe some of you remember when I acquired the Science and Nature Aquila audax and already corrected some things:

4. Another new brand for me: Science & Nature's wegde-tailed eagle (Aquila audax). There are two wegdies in the market, the other being the Southland's. But it's landing on a undetachable Australian Brown Snake, and I don't want figures with such kind of "accesories". Besides that, the open wings have toooooo wide points of feathers (for safety reasons). So I went with S&N figure.

I's overall a good figure. Colours are very realistic, and is well shaped. Maybe the worst thing are the tertial/scapular feathers forming a species of "ladder" over the tail. Too symmetric, too well arranged. Of course, the bill and claws are very thick-rounded for safety reasons.

Of course I also retouched a bit this one. I painted more accurately the feathering over the cere of the bill, corrected both eyes (the right one sligthly over the correct place, the left one slightly under the correct place), sharpened the bill and painted black on the bill. I also deleted the unaesthetical white rays that pretend to imitate the canyons of the back feathers. I left the feet untouched. Probably, once I get the correct modelling clay, I will turn the current claws into toe tips and add sharp curved claws with the paste.



But today I casually was looking for images of wedge-tailed eagles in Google and that made me notice how badly painted is this model actually!
So I took my brush, acrylics and tinfoil paper (that I use as palette), and with some mixes of brown, black, orange, yellow and white corrected it. Now I present you my wedgie with its new clothes:


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Re: Correcting paintjob to Science & Nature wedge-tailed eagle
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2020, 10:42:35 AM »
That looks really neat!


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