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Looking for Giant Water Bug
« on: May 12, 2020, 07:46:01 PM »

does anybody have a large Giant Water Bug figure to sell? Based on other posts and the one below, the Furuta Kaiyodo Giant Water Bug or the Yujin one could work (best if it is about 4-6 inches, 10-12 cm)

I am looking for my 6y.o. son who needs it for his book, and Im not a specialist. :( If you know where else I can get it, please let me know. PLEASE HELP!!

Thank you!

Can it be, the number generator is just now landing on a member of Hemiptera! And for starters, giant water bugs in the genus Lethocerus.

I. Lethocerus americanus.
One figure, by Skillcraft (Insect Lab).

windows 7 screenshot

II. Lethocerus deyrollei.

A. Figures on bases.
1. Bandai (Figure Pictorial Book of Gakken Insect)
2. Kaiyodo (Shinagawa Aquarium)

windows 7 screenshot

B. Other figures.
1. Yujin (Insects of Japan)
2. F-toys (Creatures of the Waterside)
3. Kaiyodo (Choco Q Animatales)
4. Kaiyodo (Capsule Q Animatales - Biwako)

windows 7 screenshot


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Don't I take long uploading photos!


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