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Author Topic: Butterfly Acrylic Mascots (Ikimon - Nature Techni Colour)  (Read 3126 times)


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Butterfly Acrylic Mascots (Ikimon - Nature Techni Colour)
« on: August 02, 2019, 02:39:15 AM »
Overview of the Butterfly Acrylic Mascot set by Ikimon - Nature Techni Colour, new for 2019. This is a set of 10 flat acrylic figures. They are essentially photographs encased in acrylic. They came with keychains attached but I removed them. Normally I would not collect things like this, but since butterflies are essentially flat with their wings out, I could get into these (similar to the previously reviewed plankton acrylic mascot set). At least both sides of the butterflies and moths are shown: the dorsal side of the figure is an image of the dorsal side of the specimen, and likewise the ventral side of the figure has an image of the ventral side of the specimen. The figures are not to scale; they are on average 4.0 cm wide by 4.0 cm tall.

Of the 10 figures, seven of them, marked with an asterisk (*) are new species for me, possibly totally new in figure/model form!

Because they are flat, I thought I'd do group shots rather than individual pics.

The line-up; left to right, top to bottom:

1. Madagascan sunset moth, Chrysiridia rhipheus*
2. Rajah Brooke's birdwing, Trogonoptera brookiana*
3. eighty-eight butterfly, Callicore kolyma* [this figure as marketed as Diaethria sp., but the markings better resemble C. kolyma]
4. Ceylon blue glassy tiger, Ideopsis similis*
5. plain tiger, Danaus chrysippus*
6. Japanese luna moth, Actias artemis*
7. Helana morpho, Morpho helena*
8. greater death's head hawkmoth, Acherontia lachesis
9. Atlas moth, Attacus atlas
10. Japanese Luehdorfia, Luehdorfia japonica




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