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Author Topic: Threadfin Shad Dorosoma petenense, Swimbait, by LIVETARGET  (Read 517 times)


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Threadfin Shad Dorosoma petenense, Swimbait, by LIVETARGET
« on: November 21, 2018, 04:09:01 PM »
Unlike those Lunkerhunt I reviewed last night, LIVETARGET products are anything but generic. They have a large range of baitfish, small sportfish, and frogs, most of them recognizable and many of them marketed to a species level. The threadfin shad is available in 3 1/2" (pictured) and 4 1/2", but many of the larger fish range above 6 inches.

Threadfin shad are small plankton feeding freshwater fish found on the East coast of the United States, and introduced throughout much of the United States. Their range has also expanded due to warming temperatures. It would be a stretch to call them invasive however given they don't compete with any other fish species in these habitats and provide an easily accessible food source for larger fish.

The LIVETARGET threadfin shad unfortunately comes pre-rigged, meaning it's going to require an operation to remove that massive hook. It also has a "mechanical" plastic form on its tail to give it a swimming motion in water. It's one solid piece of rubber, painted, and the eyes are glued on top, that being said the paint hasn't given me any issues yet and the eyes seem to have a coating of some additional sealant on top of them keeping them secure.

The tail is an easy tweak, any pair of small scissors or cutters will do. Assuming you have a good pair of metal cutters or a very good pair of wire cutters, the hook shouldn't give you much trouble either. You just slide the fish back along the hook starting from the exposed end by about a half an inch and then snip, this ensures the sharp end where you cut it is out of reach and won't pose any hazard for handling it.

Where I goofed was in trying to remove the loop from the fishes belly. I ended up with a very sharp piece of thick metal sticking out of the fish, and in order to actually get in deep enough to cut it off I did considerable damage to the fish. I recommend just putting up with those little loops. I filled the whole using super glue mixed with white paint, then coated the spot again in glue to seal it, rather than using normal paint sealant. It doesn't look very pleasant, but it's good enough.

I recommend these both for species completionists (it is a very interesting little fish after all), or for use as a generic "food fish" to be used alongside large animal figures.

Keep these out of reach of children unless it's been altered, and as always out of the reach of real pets.


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Re: Threadfin Shad Dorosoma petenense, Swimbait, by LIVETARGET
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2018, 02:10:34 AM »
We have a couple burbots by Livetarget, and I agree, they make excellent models (if a little sticky!)

With the big models like the burbot, pike and eels, the hook assembly is actually not embedded in the fish due to the variety in how they can be used--meaning the fish are ready to go! Although I probably should trim the tail...