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Caterpillars, Volumes 1-3 (Kaiyodo - Capsule Q Museum)

Started by bmathison1972, October 05, 2017, 01:36:48 AM

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Review of all three sets (as of the time of this writing) of the Capsule Q Museum – Caterpillars by Kaiyodo. Because caterpillars have rather simple body plans, I decided to do group shots of each set. Under each figure, I am listing other figures that I personally have for each species (so the list might not be all inclusive), in what stage they were made, who made them, and in what series (if known). Those that are 'unique' species are indicated as such.

There are currently three sets; the first two sets have six figures, the last set has only five figures. All species represent the larvae of Palearctic/Asian lepidopterans except for one which is a beetle larva! The figures all have a wire within them so they can be bent into different positions. However, if one is not careful, the body will bend but the wire will stay put and might tear through the specimen. So, I recommend not trying to pose them if you don't need them in an alternate pose!

The figures are all roughly 50-70 mm long and are in varying degrees of ratio. Most are probably close to 1:1.

These are exciting figures and one can only hope one-day Kaiyodo will make the adult versions of some of these (some of these have striking adults that have yet to be made in toy/figure form).

One to the sets and the figures contained therein:

Volume 1 [released in 2013]

1. Asian swallowtail, Papilio xuthus.
larvae: Kaiyodo (Sofubi Toy Box); Shineg (Larvae Moei)
adults: Bandai (Bugs Museum); Furuta (Insect Science); Koro Koro; Rement; Kabaya (World Insect Series 1).

2. Indian alkwing, Choaspes benjaminii.
UNIQUE species

3. chestnut tiger, Parantica sita.
larvae: Shineg (Larvae Moei)

4. Ailanthus silkmoth, Samia Cynthia.
adult: Doug Walpus Art Studio

5. deaths-head hawk moth, Acherontia lackesis.
UNIQUE species [other species in the genus made]

6. fruit-piercing moth, Eudocima tyrranus.
UNIQUE species.

Volume 2 [released on 2014]

1. spangle, Papilio protenor.
adult: Doug Walpus Art Studio

2. Old World swallowtail, Papilio machaon.
larvae: Shineg (Larvae Moei – 2 forms)
adults: Bullyland; Doug Walpus Art Studio; also a couple French feves by an unknown manufacturer

3. cankerworm moth, Cystidia truncangulata.
UNIQUE species

4. impatiens hawk moth, Theretra oldenlandiae.
UNIQUE species

5. lobster moth, Stauropus fagi.
UNIQUE species (and probably the coolest in all the sets!)

6. the lone beetle, the stag beetle Dorcus hopei.
pupae: Kaiyodo (Choco Q Animatales – three versions)
adults: Bandai (Bugs Museum); F-toys (Beetle Battle; Insect Hunter); Hayakwa Toys; Kaiyodo (Capsule Q Museum – Stag Beetles); Rement; Sega (a few versions); Colorata (Tropical Rain Forest Stag Beetles); DeAgostini (World Insects Data Book); Kitan Club – Nature Techni Colour (Nature of Japan); Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. (B.I.G. Beetles); Wing Mau.

Volume 3 [released 2015]

1. paper kite, Idea leuconoe.
pupa: Yujin (Insects of Japan)
adults: K&M International (Butterfly Mini Polybag; Butterfly Nature Tube); Safari LTD (Authentics Butterflies; Butterflies of the World Collectors Case); Yujin (Insects of Japan); also, a French feve.

2. commercial silkworm moth, Bombyx mori.
larva: Shineg (Larvae Moei)
pupa: Shineg (Larvae Moei)
adult: Kaiyodo (Sticky Tack Insect Set)
life cycle: Insect Lore

3. great orangetip, Hebomoia glaucippe.
adults: K&M International (Butterfly Mini Polybag); Safari LTD (Butterflies of the World Collectors Case); Steal Street; U.S. Toy; plus a few of unknown manufacturer.

4. oleander sparrow, Daphnis nerii.
UNIQUE species

5. common map, Cyrestis thyodamas.
UNIQUE species


Volume 2 has some particularly wonderful pieces! Although that Eudocima tyrranus is also quite beautiful.