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Butterflies TOOB (Safari LTD)
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:00:30 PM »
Since I have been recapturing images lost during the Photoshop Purge of the late (?) Holocene, I have decided to take images for a new review. I have done several butterfly-centric sets (Toy Major, K&M Butterflies Nature Tube, Koro Koro, two by the Franklin Mint, and the Authentics and Collectors Case by Safari LTD, plus a caterpillar set by Shineg). Here we have another by Safari, the Butterflies TOOB. I do not remember the release data, I am thinking 2012 or thereabouts. It is good to do these reviews, since these butterflies are often copied after one another, in paint if not sculpt, so it helps to keep track of what is what (it helps me so these online reviews also serve as my personal references :) ).

This TOOB contains eight figures, four different sculpts with two examples of each painted differently. All eight figures are marketed at the species level, and even have the Latin or common names printed on the underside! The quality is similar to that of the Collectors Case or K&M sets, but the plastic is a bit firmer. They are typical TOOB size, with wingspans of roughly 55-60 mm. Also, all figures, even the nymphalids, have 6 legs...just saying...

At the time of this writing, four of the figures are unique, others have been previously made (including a couple regularly by Safari!).

On to the figures (in no particular order):

1. the jazzy leafwing, Hypna clytemnestrata (marketed as Anaea clytemnestrata).
This is one of the unique figures in the set!

2. the green swallowtail, Papilio blumei.
This is a favorite of Safari LTD, being made for their Collectors Case, Authentics set, and Hidden Kingdom Insects.

3. the regal hairstreak, Evenus regalis.
This is an interesting choice. There are several figures out there attributable to E. coronata, based on the Club Earth figure that started the trend. But this, as presently delineated, is a unique figure.

4. the Menelaus blue morpho, Morpho menelaus.
This figure is only stamped 'Morpho' but was marketed as M. menelaus. Their Hidden Kingdom and Smithsonian morphos can also be attributed to this species, although the Authentics, Collectors Case, Good Luck Mini, and Insect TOOB figures are the common morpho, M. peleides.

5. Garlepp's swallowtail, Papilio garleppi.
Another unique figure!

6. the white-angled sulfur, Anteos clorinde.
Another unique figure. I do love the pierids!

7. the red glider, Cymothoe sangris.
This species was made also by Toy Major. Safari's figure has a better shape, but Toy Major's paint job is better. Still nice representatives of an African genus of butterflies!

8. the orange-barred sulfur, Phoebis philea.
This is another that is no stranger to Safari LTD, being made for their Hidden Kingdom, Authentics set, and Collectors Case. I also have a couple from unknown manufacturers and Beam did a larva.

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