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Soft bodies - Cephalopods, Annelids and Gastropods

Started by BlueKrono, February 01, 2017, 02:51:06 PM

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Thought I'd thrown them all into one category for forum ease. Sorry taxonomists.

Gastropods (and Hutts)

I like turtles.


Hmm, that semi translucent Octopus looks like the one that comes with the animal planet tub, but different color scheme.
And if you can than it would be nice to know the company name.


My earthworms:

1. Life cycle by Safari LTD
2. Bullyland
3. Kaiyodo (Backyard Creatures - Soil Organisms)


Took this pic for STS so might as well revitalize this thread here:

These are two venomous species in the genus Hapalochlaena: the greater blue-ringed octopus (H. lumulata) by K&M International and the blue-lined octopus, (H. fasciata) by Kaiyodo.


Which common octopus is more accurate? Only counting the mini collectA and Eikoh [attachment id=0 msg=27988]