Author Topic: Colorata reptiles, fossil fish, sharks etc. FT update 2  (Read 2440 times)


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Colorata reptiles, fossil fish, sharks etc. FT update 2
« on: October 31, 2016, 04:26:17 PM »
im trading (only) these figures:
from the Colorata reptiles box set
1. tuatara
2. saltwater crocodile
3. radiated tortoise RESERVED
4. komodo dragon
5. aldabra giant tortoise
6. red tail boa constrictor RESERVED

from the Colorata endangered sea turtles box set
leather back turtle (no base/rod)

from the Colorata fossil fish box set (no base/rod)
1. Piracucu (Arapaima) RESERVED
2. Coelacanth RESERVED

from the Colorata Ocean Kingdom box set (2002)
zebra shark (has minor smudge on the belly)

NBGI japanese spiny turtle

horn shark (unknown brand, but good quality)

Nayab lion and AAA tiger cub (mint)

all in great condition but not mint (except the two big cats)
i prefer to trade minimum of two per person to save on shipping.
i prefer prehistoric figures from Wild Safari/Carnegie, CollectA, Bullyland, Papo, older Schleich, Battat Terra, Mojo Fun prehistoric mammals (except the saber tooth and mammoths). also modern animals from the same brands (very selective). 2010-present models. also would consider other brands (very selective). PM me your offers. thanks.
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