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Author Topic: Great auk penguin (Pinguinus impennis) - Kaiyodo Penguin 's Lunch 1(secret)  (Read 4130 times)


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Kaiyodo bottle cap Penguin 's Lunch 1(2001)
1.Emperor Penguin     
2.Rockhopper Penguin     
3.Adelie Penguin     
4.Little Penguin     
5.Gentoo Penguin     
6.Emperor Penguin     
7.King Penguin     
8.Cape Penguin     
9.Great Auk    (SP) Secret item


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The Great Auk was the main reason for me to get the Penguin Lunch Series 1, an impressive figure and so unique.  :) "Great auk penguin" is a bit mistakable, even if the name penguin is derived from this animal the species should better be called by its usual vernacular name "Great auk" to avoid confusion.


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It is awesome. I dont know that Kaiyodo made a figure of these species.
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