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Author Topic: Langsdorf’s Goldfish (Yujin - Freshwater Fishes Series 2 second release, Special  (Read 2946 times)


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I am finally getting to put this last ‘second release’ figure up—I kind of forgot!

This figure is the special version of the Carassius langsdorfii (or Carassius aurauts langsdorfii). Unlike the ‘regular’ figure, this one is the domestic version, in a bright orange, as would be expected in a fish tank.

It is otherwise the same model as the brown version. It has a brighter, golden eye, and the fin is more transparent.

Walkaround Pictures:

And to compare with the ‘wild’ paint job. It is clearly very different, with brown & grey compared to orange!

I have some release 1 & 2 comparisons all set to go, that I may add to other appropriate threads. And maybe someday I will get some of the really expensive rare ones!  ::)


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