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Arctic Wolf (Schleich - Wildlife)

Started by GiselleGazelle, December 27, 2014, 10:44:34 PM

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I recently ordered multiple 2015 Schleich figures from and I have to say, the model I'm about to review is one of my favourites of them all.

Meet the Schleich Arctic Wolf, model number 14742. A new release for 2015 that has already started appearing for sale in Germany.

First impressions on the release pictures made me feel the new figures were somewhat too rough in texture. This model, however is much more appealing in person and in reality has an absolutely gorgeous, realistic texture. The proportions appear correct and the model is very well sculpted. I particularly like the facial features of the wolf, most notably it's beautiful, soulful eyes.

Underneath the wolf, as with pretty much all Schleich models that I've seen at least, it has pads painted on the undersides of the paws. A lovely detail which I really like about Schleich.

Overall, I think this is an excellent addition to the Schleich model animal range and I highly recommend it. Especially to lovers of canids, like myself.

Any questions you'd like to ask about this model? Go ahead and ask and I'll reply to each comment. If there's anything you'd like to see in my reviews, please do say. Hope you enjoyed!


Well, we can see the first figure of 2015  ^-^. Nice review friend  ^-^.
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Wonderful photos, Alice! :) While sometimes I can't stop criticising Schleich (for often being so conservative in their choice of animal species and for being mostly horrible when it comes to prehistoric animals) I have to admit that their figures still improve in sculpt quality. This Arctic Wolf is one example, the fur texture looks very natural (they made a few figures with comparably amazing fur texture in 2014 like e.g. the new American Bison, Donkey Foal, Sheep and a few others). I also like the subtle yellowish wash on the white fur.


Nice and informative photos, thank you very much.