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Japanese Sawshark (K&M ~Wild Republic Sharks Tube)

Started by stargatedalek, August 14, 2014, 02:35:23 AM

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QuoteThe Japanese sawshark (Pristiophorus japonicus) is a species of sawshark in the family Pristiophoridae. This shark has a long, narrow rostrum. Its first dorsal fin originates behind the tips of the pectoral fins, and its caudal fin is angled almost straight in line with the body. The Japanese sawshark reaches an maximum length of up to 1.36 m (4 ft 6 in).

This is one of my two favorites from the set, amongst the relatively common/typical species it really stands out. The model is a bit warped, most noticeable in the face, but its less of an issue than with most of the others in the set. It also doesn't suffer from the same "weak" paint app that seems to befall most of the others.

scale is approximately 1:11.1 - 1:15.1
I don't usually include a human figure for scale but I figured I'd give it a shot, 御坂 美琴 [Misaka Mikoto] 1:14.6



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