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August 08, 2018, 10:55:21 AM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the Hercules beetle Dynastes hercules by Furuta (ChocoEgg Series 6). I think this walk-around completes the ChocoEgg Series 6 on the Animal Toy Forum. Photos by @bugsnapz

August 07, 2018, 09:47:52 PM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the red-rump tarantula (Brachypelma vagans) by Furuta (ChocoEgg Series 6). Photos by @bugsnapz

August 05, 2018, 10:49:53 AM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the thorny devil (Moloch horridus), part of Bullyland's 'Bullyland Amphibians' collection (go figure, because it is a lizard. Perhaps 'herpetofauna' didn't have the same ring to it). It is 10cm long. This toy was retired this year (2018) so I picked it up just in time, from the Hanover Museum, Germany.

Beetle guy
July 24, 2018, 06:30:59 AM by Beetle guy
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Next to the walk-arounds for individual figurines, I will try to give an overview of my Sega beetle collection here. There is a lot, so I will be updating this topic from time tot time.

Bandai/Sega  has produced an unparallelled beetle figurine output. Dozens of beetle toys series were produced, compricing hunderds of beetles. A few species are (as you will learn from this post) very well presented. The beetle toys (and Card- and computergames, stationary and even clotches) were marketed under the brandname MushiKing (King of beetles).
I have collected not all series, but to my feeling only the more detailed figurines that had reasonable proportions and a realistic look. I will also mention the figurines I am missing or have skipped to give at least a complete picture of the series I will post in this topic.

As with Blaine's topic 'Blaine's Bug of the day', I highly value comments, but please do not place images in this post to keep the overview 'clean' ;)

The small Bandai beetle series complete

This series is formed out of 10 sets of 10 beetles each. So 100 beetles(!) in this series (some species are doubled or in alternative paint or even sculpted version). The were relaesed from 2005 till 2007. They came boxed per 10 with collecting- playing cards. The order of release of the sets I am still figuring out. I know the content of the sets via the official Bandai website.

The beetles have for white or black dots and a serialnumber on the abdomen.

SET 1 (not the official set number till confirmed).


1. Prosopocoilus giraffa (black eyes), 2. Dynastes hercules lichyi, 3. Chalcosoma caucasus (black eyes), 4. Trypoxylus (Allomyrina) dichotoma septentrionalis, 5. Dynastes granti (black eyes),
6. Megasoma actaeon (black eyes), 7. Dynastes Neptunus (black eyes), 8. Mesotopus tarandus (black eyes), 9. Allotopus rosenbergi (black eyes) and 10. Hexarthrius mandibularis (black eyes).



1. Chalcosoma atlas, 2. Dynastes granti (red eyes), 3. Eupatorus gracilicornis, 4. Dynastes Neptunus (red eyes), 5. Megasoma actaeon (red eyes)
6. Dorcus rectus, 7. Lucanus maculifemoratus, 8. Rheatelus speciosus, 9. Hexarthrius mandibularis (red eyes), 10. Odontolabis burmeisteri.



1. Eupatorus siamensis, 2. Chalcosoma moellenkampi, 3. Heterogomphus hirtus, 4. Allomyrina pfeifferi, 5. Prosopocoilus inclinatus,
6. Cyclommatus elaphus, 7. Dorcus grandis (red eyes), 8. Odontolabis spectabilis, 9. Prosopocoilus giraffa (red eyes), 10. Mush King mascotte (eyes "closed").



1. Dynastes granti (black eyes), 2. Allotopus rosenbergi (black eyes), 3. Dynastes hercules (blue elytra), 4. Eupatorus hardwickei, 5. Odontolabis cypri,
6. Aegus platydon, 7. Megasoma gyas, 8. Prosopocoilus wallacei, 9. Lycomedes buckleyi, 10. Lamprima adolphinae.



1. Trypoxylus (Allomyrina) dichotoma septentrionalis (alternate sculpt), 2. Golofa porteri, 3. Chalcosoma caucasus (red eyes), 4. Megasoma elephas, 5. Dynastes hercules lichyi (alternate sculpt),
6. Dorcus binodolusus (dark no detail paint), 7. hexarthrius parryi, 8. Mesotopus tarandus (red eyes), 9. Allotopus rosenbergi (red eyes), 10. MushiKing (eyes "open").



1. Trypoxylus (Allomyrina) dichotoma septentrionalis, 2. Dynastes hercules lichyi (Blue, no yellow hair on head), 3. Trichogomphus martabani, 4. Xylotrupes gideon, 5. Megasoma anubis,
6. Dorcus pilifer, 7. Chiasognathus granti, 8. Homoderus mellyi, 9. Dorcus palawanicus, 10. Prosopocoilus fabricea.



1. Prosopocoilus giraffa (black eyes), 2. Chalcosoma caucasus (black eyes), 3. Megasoma actaeon (black eyes), 4. Neolucanus maximus, 5. Dynastes satanas,
6. Dorcus alcides, 7. Odontolabis imperialis, 8. Xylotrupes pubescens, 9. Beckius beccarii, 10. Rhyssonotus nebulosus.



1. Dynastes hercules lichyi (black eyes), 2. Dynastes Neptunus (black eyes), 3. Hexarthrius mandibularis (black eyes), 4. Augosoma centurion, 5. Rhaetulus didieri,
6. Prosopocoilus hasteri, 7. Sphaenognathus feisthameli, 8. Dynastes hyllus, 9. Dipelicus cantori, 10. Lucanus gamunus.



1. Trypoxylus (Allomyrina) dichotoma septentrionalis, 2. Dorcus binodolosus (more detailed colour), 3. Mesotopus tarandus (black eyes), 4. Oryctes gigas, 5. Golofa claviger,
6. Megasoma mars, 7. Odontolabis alces, 8. Dorcus tityus, 9. Odontolabis duivenbodei, 10. Eupatorus gracilicornis edai.

SET 10


1. Dynastes hercules lichyi (brown), 2. Dorcus grandis (black eyes), 3. Dorcus palawanicus, 4. Neolucanus delicatus, 5. Scapanes australis,
6. Hexarthrius forsteri, 7. Strategus mandibularis, 8. Eupatorus beccarii, 9. Dorcus rubrofemoratus, 10. Dynastes tityus.

I have also this one. It does not belong to one of the 10 series. Maybe it was an extra/bonus or so, I do not know. It is the bluei version of D. hercules lichyi (alternative sculpt).

July 23, 2018, 12:18:26 AM by bmathison1972
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I don't have much to do in this arena as I patiently wait for things to ship from Japan, so I thought I would take a break from my real entomological work on the Nearctic Elateridae and showcase some models by Toy Major.

These are very large insect figures, all produced by Toy Major in the late 1990s. They are very similar to their smaller tube-sized counterparts but are much bigger. All of these are at least 1 US foot (12 inches/30 cm) across their longest points.

I bought all of them except the mantis at a toy store in Tucson, AZ in 1999 or 2000. The mantis was purchased more recently on eBay and I was surprised when I got it that it was a TM figure (it was marketed as garden decor). I am not sure how many more were made. One note, the antennae on the grasshopper broke off. One broke off moving from Phoenix to Atlanta in 2007 and the other when I moved from Atlanta to Salt Lake City in 2016.

Since they are so big, I decided to take the pics on the patio of my apartment complex:

July 11, 2018, 03:04:12 PM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the only extant creature in the Prehistoric Sealife tube by Safari Ltd, the frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus). Presumably included in the set as a 'living fossil'.

July 09, 2018, 01:22:23 AM by bmathison1972
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This thread will serve as an overview of the Yowies arthropods. I will post a handful at a time. The Yowies series gives an insect collector the chance to get a large variety of unique models, as Australian arthropods are very uncommonly made. The nature of the figures does not justify long walkaround for each, so I will do single-image representations of each species.

There are figures here from both the Australian and UK releases. The former were small gashapon-like puzzles that required assembly; the latter are solid-plastic figures (and in many cases, more realistic than their Australian counterparts).

In no particular order:

1. paper wasp, Polistes rothneyi (this figure was marketed under the synonym, P. tasmaniensis).

2. the prehistoric horseshoe crab, Dubbolimulus sp.

3. trilobite, Kettneraspis clavatus.

4. jumping spider, gen. sp. This figure was not marketed at a given genus or species. Only one of three toy/model jumping spiders I am aware of!

5. the fiddler crab, Gelasimus vomeris (marketed under its original name, Uca vomeris.).
This species was in both the Australian and UK releases.

6. the cruiser butterfly, Vindula arsinoe ada.

7. spiny lobster, Panulirus cygnus.

8. mantis shrimp, Odontadactylus brevirostris.

9. the crab spider, Diaea variabilis.

10. Christmas scarab, Anoplognathus punctulatus.
Another one released in both the Australian and UK series. In this case, the UK figure is MUCH better than the Australian one.

11. Black-and-white tiger moth, Spilosoma glatignyi.

12. the transverse lady beetle, Coccinella transversalis.
Another species released in the UK and Australian series.

13. giant centipede, Scolopendra morsitans.

14. emperor gum moth, Opodiphthera eucalypti.

15. hairy hermit crab, Derdanus megistos.

July 07, 2018, 04:26:29 AM by bmathison1972
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Later than expected, a personal request from Dr. Admin, the Life Cycle of a Mosquito, by Safari LTD, Safariology, originally released in 2014. As someone who studies the medical aspects of insects as well, this was a welcome treat! Over a short period, Safari LTD released several insect life cycles and this is probably my favorite.

The mosquito is not attributable to a given species (although the egg raft and length of palps in the adult rule-out the malaria-spreading anophelines).

Not a bad set; the adult is a bit stout, but that is to be expected when real mosquitoes are spindly: the figure needs to be sturdy enough to prevent breakage and not be too sharp as to risk injury to children.

On to the pics:





whole cycle:

in a mini-diorama:

July 06, 2018, 02:47:34 AM by bmathison1972
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Walkaround of a novelty food premium, a firefly by Chick-Fil-A Properties, Inc., originally released in 2014. I like food premium figures. They are often unique, original releases, that tend to disappear quickly after being released. As such they are often difficult to obtain and over time may fetch a bit of money to acquire them! I found this one randomly on eBay, probably not too long after it was released. I do not remember it being expensive or anything. I don't eat fast food enough to know why this was released (part of a larger animal set?).
The figure is generic and not attributable to a given species. The beetle itself is 7.5 cm and the entire figure (leaf included) is 10.0 cm. The beetle is securely attached to the leaf via screws (although the legs are physically part of the base). There is a button on the bottom that, when pressed, allows the abdomen to light up [see last pic]!

On to the pics:

July 03, 2018, 06:09:10 PM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the 2012 meerkats pair by Safari Ltd (Wild Safari Wildlife). Not to be confused with the 2016 Meerkat in this line. The 2016 one replaced the 2012 one when the earlier one was retired. According to this figure was sculpted by @doug watson

Those of you living in the UK will know that a certain recurring TV advert has destroyed the public perception of meerkats forever. Sigh. ::)

July 01, 2018, 05:16:23 AM by bmathison1972
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Walkaround of the red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii (Girard, 1852) by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S., 22nd Anniversary Collection. The figure is marked 2005 but not sure if that was when this anniversary figure was released, or that was the original date (assuming this is a re-release of an earlier figure). Like recently shown migratory locust and Japanese giant mantids, this is another 'non-scarabaeoid' figure released in the T-TARTs sets. This species is native to the southeastern USA, but has been introduced to Japan where it has achieved pest status, and this its frequent inclusion in Japanese sets.

The figure is 10.0 cm (body length, not including antennae or clawed legs), which does put it within the 1:1 range for a large individual. Some assembly is required and the front legs (pincers) do not attach snuggly.

The first image in on a custom base courtesy of @sphyrna18 (where it sits permanently on my shelves!) and does not come with the figure  ;)

On to the pics:

June 28, 2018, 03:39:04 AM by bmathison1972
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Walkarounds of the Japanese giant mantis, Tenodera aridifolia (Stoll, 1813) by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. (T-TARTS), B.I.G. Insects. I should note, these Japanese mantis figures are sometimes marketed as T. sinensis, which has been considered conspecific or a subspecies of T. aridifolia, but T. sinensis is now considered a valid species. I am not an orthropterist but I consider these mantids made by Japanese companies to be T. aridifolia unless otherwise convinced.

These two figures were released as the 'non-scarabaeoids' in the 2015 and 2016 B.I.G. Insects sets. Each year T-TARTS releases a set of 'big' insects that includes four scarabeoid beetles and one 'other'. In 2017 it was a Japanese carpenter ant and this year it is a forthcoming migratory locust!

The 2015 figure is 13.5 cm long and the 2016 figure is 10.0 cm long, making the 2016 figure 1:1 and the 2015 figure slightly larger. Like all T-TARTS figures, there is some assembly. The 2016 figure followed suit with the scarab beetles and has metal rather than plastic wing covers.

On to the pics of both (2015, then 2016, then both):




June 26, 2018, 07:40:56 PM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the American badger by Safari Ltd (Wild Safari North American Wildlife). What a floppy-looking creature!

June 25, 2018, 04:53:58 AM by bmathison1972
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Walk-around of what is probably my favorite figure, the Japanese firefly (also known as genji-botaru), Luciola cruciata Motschulsky, 1854 by Kaiyodo, Natural Monuments of Japan No. 45. The species has been made a couple times, including previously by Kaiyodo for their Choco Q Animatales line. This figure is from the Natural Monuments of Japan set, one of the greatest sets produced by Kaiyodo.

This is such a lively and dynamic figure. The detail is exquisite. Plus, I am a sucker for figures on natural bases. Like most older Kaiyodo figures, assembly is required. The beetle's body is 3.5 cm, making it roughly 3:1 in scale.

On to the pics:

June 24, 2018, 06:02:48 PM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the polar bear cub by Safari Ltd, part of their Wild Safari Sea Life line. The adult in this line has already been featured on the ATF by @Takama here: They make a nice pair. Can a polar bear really be considered sea life? Sure, they enjoy a paddle, but so does Michael Phelps. :))

June 23, 2018, 06:35:31 PM by bmathison1972
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Walk-around of a rather bizarre creature in toy form, a sheep ked Melophagus ovinus (Linnaeus, 1758), a wingless fly species that lives as an ectoparasite on sheep. Native to the Palearctic, it occurs nearly worldwide in sheep-raising regions.

I bought this figure at a dollar store back in 2002. It is a rehash of some of the vintage 'jiggler' figures of the 1950s-1970s (called jigglers because they are made of a soft, rubbery plastic).

The figure is rather simple but I thought I would showcase it since it represents a species that many people would never guess would ever be made. That, and I am a parasitologist (although I focus on human parasites, not veterinary unless they are zoonotic).

On to the pics:

With another vintage jiggler, originally distributed by Doon Vending Services (DVS) to be sold in bubble-gum machines.

June 23, 2018, 10:51:57 AM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the Incredible Creatures white-lipped snail (Cepaea hortensis) by Safari Ltd. The sculpt is very good. The colours are a bit more vivid than in the real animal. By my estimation, the model is about three times larger than life size. The figure was retired in 2014, which is a shame, since good snail figures are a bit thin on the ground.

Shot from above:

Shot from below:
June 22, 2018, 12:08:06 PM by animaltoyforum
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I was surprised this figure hadn't be featured in an ATF walk-around yet. So, here you go, a walk-around of the Wild Safari - Wildlife zebra by Safari Ltd.

Mammals represent! :P

June 20, 2018, 12:59:44 PM by animaltoyforum
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Walk-around of the crocodile hatchling with egg by Safari Ltd. (Incredible Creatures line).

June 19, 2018, 06:54:52 PM by animaltoyforum
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Walk around of the barn owl (Tyto alba) by Furuta (ChocoEgg Series 6). It is in a sort of hunched over pose so in the last photo I show its face full on. It looks a little startled! :)) The pin in the first photo and my thumb in the last photo give an intication of scale.

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