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Author Topic: Barnacles (Kitan Club - Nature Techni Colour)  (Read 483 times)


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Barnacles (Kitan Club - Nature Techni Colour)
« on: April 20, 2017, 01:46:21 AM »
Review of the COMPLETE set of Barnacles, by Kitan Club - Nature Techni Colour (2012). I was happy to finally get the complete set. I previously had 6 figures representing one species each, but the complete set is 18 figures representing nine species! To my knowledge, this set represents the only barnacles in toy/figure form.

Some are solid figures, some are magnets, some are straps, and some are pins to be worn.

The first figure shows the complete set to get an idea how the sizes compare among the species.

I am writing the species' coverage in the Bug of the Day format, so I only have to cut-and-paste into that thread  C:-).


the whole set:

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I. Balanus rostratus.
There are four figures here. Three combine together to form a cluster (with magnets inside them to help hold them close), and the fourth is a strap figure (that I removed the strap to make a cluster of four).

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II. Japanese goose barnacle, Capitulum mitella.
Two figures, independent and different figures with internal magnets.

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III. Turtle barnacle, Chelonibia testudinaria.
Two figures, of the same sculpt; one is a solid figure and one is a pin.

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IV. Conchoderma virgatum.
One figure, a strap figure (for which I removed the strap).

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V. Fistulobalanus albicostatus.
Two figures, both with magnets. [marketed as Amphibalanus albicostatus.]

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VI. Megabalanus rosa.
Two figures. One is a pin but the other is remarkable: it is split down the center revealing a cross-section of the internal anatomy! Truly the most amazing in the set for this reason!

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VII. Thatched barnacle, Semibalanus cariosus.
Two small figures, both with magnets.

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VIII. Scapellum stearnsi.
One figure, a strap figure (and displayed on a marine snail shell), for which I removed the strap.

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IX. Japanese acorn barnacle, Tetraclita japonica.
Two figures, one a regular solid figure and one a pin to wear.

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Re: Barnacles (Kitan Club - Nature Techni Colour)
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2017, 02:21:28 PM »
Wow, very very interesting figurines!!!