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Collections / Re: Recent acquisitions
« Last post by bmathison1972 on Today at 06:58:13 PM »
Arthropods from the Paleozoic Creatures set by Colorata:
1. sea scorpion, Acutiramus macrophthalmus (a new/unique species in toy/figure form)
2. trilobite, Olenoides serratus (once uncommon, it seems to be the go-to species these days)
3. anomalocarid, Anomalocaris canadensis (again, commonly made)

Despite the lack of originality with two of them, these are nice little figures!

Bullyland / Grasshopper (Bullyland)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on Today at 02:57:03 PM »
Walk-around of the grasshopper, gen. sp. by Bullyland, originally released in 1994. There is no way to attribute a species or even genus name to this figure; this is a typical GGG (generic green grasshopper). No bin-style set of insects is complete without a GGG!

The figure measures 11.0 cm, not including the protruding antennae. It is made of a relatively stiff plastic.

Because this is probably my oldest Bullyland figure, this is one that I was aware was copied by the dollar store set! It was not until these forums that I started seeing other Bullyland insects did I realize most of the larger figures in that dollar store set were Bullyland knock-offs.

Really not too much to say about this figure; it's simple and not specific, so onto the pics:

with it's dollar-store counterpart:

I have been reviewing classic Bullyland insect figures and checking back on what figures have been reviewed. I never noticed this has 'ATRAX', the actual genus, stamped on the underside!
Bullyland / Stag Beetle (Bullyland)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on Today at 12:24:57 AM »
The march of the 'Bullybugs' (thanks, Susanne) continues with the European stag beetle, Lucanus cervus (Linnaeus, 1758), originally released in 1994. This species is not as commonly made as some of its Japanese/Asian cousins, but is still well-represented in toy/figure form. I have 12 figures that can be reliable attributed to this species.

Bullyland's figure is an impressive major male. Measuring 8.0 cm (not including legs nor mandibles), the figure is 1:1 for a large specimen (I have seen true monstrous specimens of this species in Southern Moravia, Czech Republic). The color and texture are very nice.

Like several others reviewed, this figure also has its dollar-store counterpart (see last two images). Interestingly, the dollar store figure has a slightly better scuplt (in terms of shape and contours), but less-realistic texture and colors.

On to the pics:

With its dollar-store counterpart:

Collections / Re: Recent acquisitions
« Last post by stargatedalek on February 16, 2018, 10:57:47 PM »
If that set had a wild-colour axolotl I would have been tempted...but I didn't need the morphs!

Still very nice figures though. Just wish they'd stop with the chains (at least the magnets can be invisible)
I don't mind them, if only because it's probably the only reason we're getting such interesting poses!
Collections / Re: Recent acquisitions
« Last post by sbell on February 16, 2018, 10:23:10 PM »
If that set had a wild-colour axolotl I would have been tempted...but I didn't need the morphs!

Still very nice figures though. Just wish they'd stop with the chains (at least the magnets can be invisible)
Collections / Re: Recent acquisitions
« Last post by stargatedalek on February 16, 2018, 09:53:44 PM »
Each of these sets has had one member that was either swimming or being held (as most of these are fairly typical pet species [or in the case of the 2nd set, the kind of native species that someone might catch and then hatch up in a home aquarium]).

The only exception being the giant salamander.
Collections / Re: Recent acquisitions
« Last post by stemturtle on February 16, 2018, 09:34:34 PM »

Nature Technicolor Axolotls and Frogs, 2018, set of 8

4 figures of Ambystoma mexicanum, 2 molds, 2 colors
Axolotl, leucistic (chain)        Axolotl, golden albino (chain)
Axolotl, leucistic (magnet)     Axolotl, golden albino (magnet)

4 figures of frogs, 3 species, 3 molds
Argentine horned frog, Ceratophrys ornata (magnet)
Red-eyed tree frog, Agalychnis callidryas (magnet)
Budgett's frog, Lepidobatrachus laevis (magnet)
Budgett's frog, Lepidobatrachus laevis (chain)

Budgett's frog is the only new species of animal toy. The pose makes it hard to stand the figure up unless hanging by the chain. Perhaps the artist intended it to be swimming in water. On land the hind feet should be turned under to raise up the back in a defensive posture. The figure is nicely fashioned.
Bullyland / Lady Bug(s) (Bullyland)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on February 16, 2018, 03:10:59 AM »
Continuing my walkarounds of Bullyland's insects and arachnids, today we look at the lady bug, Coccinella septempunctata Linnaeus, 1758. There are two figures, one with the elytra closed and one with the elytra partially open, revealing the flying wings; both figures were released in 1994. I am not sure if they were marketed at the species level, but the color pattern in conjunction with the fact this is the most common species of Coccinellidae in Europe, makes C. septempunctata the only real possibility!

The figures are 6.0 cm in length (not including appendages), making them roughly 7:1 for an average-sized specimen. It was a neat idea to release this figure in two forms. There are a few lady bug figures out there with exposed hind wings, but not many. Interestingly the underside of the figures are different; the one with closed elytra red and the one with exposed wings black (the latter is correct).

On to the pics:

Like the previously-reviewed rhinoceros beetles and house fly, I have a dollar-store knock off of the closed-wing figure (there was also a smaller version in the dollar store set):

Animal toy lines / Re: Pica pica Games upcoming plans and input welcome
« Last post by stargatedalek on February 15, 2018, 11:51:40 PM »
Apologies for the extremely delayed response, I was hoping to have some solid information right away last week but as it turned out I had some expectations that needed lowering.

First off; materials. I was hoping to have access to ABS or soft plastic material to print more fragile parts, but sadly both of these are currently beyond my reach. ABS produces nauseating fumes and though not dangerous strictly speaking still requires a lot of ventilation, and so I simply lack the infrastructure to use this material safely. Soft material in theory is within my grasp, but it requires very specific calibrations which would increase production time exponentially and will likely have a negative impact on detail anyway.

This does however come with some good news, basic PLA doesn't require any bells and whistles, and we've decided on the "basic but reliable" model of printer. I already have it in hand but it isn't set up yet. I'm hopeful I can start printing models within the next few weeks.

Some minor changes to my plans are necessitated, but overall things will continue as originally planned. The species lists for the first series of Forgotten and Bio-plastic remain unchanged, though there are going to be some pretty extreme changes to the Collector's Choice format.

Rather than producing X number of each species, a demo version of each species will be made and subsequent individual models will be started upon order. This allows you the buyer to specify things that only 3D printing would allow! You can not only choose from a predetermined list, but actively work with me to create and decide on the pose, base, and in most cases colour scheme of your model.

Every model is 3D printed and hand painted, with few exceptions most will have details sculpted by hand, and those that aren't large or detailed enough for this will be treated to minimize print lines and any print or assembly artifacts will of course be repaired. If desired, I can prepare a model as if it were a kit, for you to assemble and paint yourself.

Every Pica pica Games model is custom designed and built largely by hand just to fit your needs, and at prices comparable to molded and cast products because of the efficiency available using this 3D printing technology.

My "new" plans for the Collectors Choice line is to read any suggestions here for a location for the next few weeks, then together we can narrow things down from there. The idea is that each season of the line will have a diverse selection of animals that naturally coexist, each with its own base, and a little something extra along the lines of a skeleton, or perhaps a 1:1 skull, for the real anatomy nerds of us out there. The primary idea of this particular line is extant animals, primarily because this line is intended to be consistent in presentation and it's difficult to find "supplementary" material for extinct animals (fossil scans etc.), but there would of course be at least one extinct animal in a batch, potentially more depending on the location.

Some suggestions already are Yunnan Province in China, Northern Brazil, and Zambia, which are all wonderful options.
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