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Papo / Re: European Wolf Spider (Papo - Wild Animals)
« on: December 17, 2017, 09:33:38 PM »
It is the absolute best spider figure out there!

here is the additional Shapeways figure:

Animal toy lines / Re: Toy Fish Factory has arrived!
« on: December 16, 2017, 11:52:54 PM »
These are neat Sean. Any chance this company might branch out a little to the freshwater/brackish crustaceans (e.g., crayfish?).

I have this tardigrade , two of Tomy Takara deep sea sets (dark and light version of same species) and the Capsule Q one. I wonder what is your fourth species.

the fourth is by Shapeways. Check out Bug of the Day
Wait a minute... Blaine, I thought you had the Agatsuma Entertainment tardigrade, too? :o
Nice to see we have photos back in this walk-around, by the way! 8)

I do. My 4: Agatsuma, Shapeways, Takara, Kaiyodo. I don't have the two color variants of the Agatsuma figure that BeetleGuy mentions, so I have 4 figures, one of each sculpt and species.

Other/Miscellaneous / Re: Butterflies of Paradise (Franklin Mint)
« on: December 16, 2017, 11:48:16 PM »
Quote from: brontodocus link=topic187.msg18236#msg18236 date=1513467682
Wonderful! :D Wow, I can imagine when one buys these and waits for shipping... I'd be really worried they might break during shipping! Hmm, is this the first representation of Bhutanitis lidderdalii in figure form we see here?

This is the first of 10 of the species here ;-)

Yes when I buy them I always write to the seller to ship properly, even offering to pay extra sometimes to ensure their safety. Luckily, this set (and the solo at the end) were well-packed.

I have this tardigrade , two of Tomy Takara deep sea sets (dark and light version of same species) and the Capsule Q one. I wonder what is your fourth species.

the fourth is by Shapeways. Check out Bug of the Day

Other/Miscellaneous / Butterflies of Paradise (Franklin Mint)
« on: December 15, 2017, 06:00:36 PM »
Review of the complete set of Butterflies of Paradise by The Franklin Mint (1987). I had previously reviewed the complete set of the Franklin Mint’s Butterflies of the World ( collection. When I bought the Butterflies of Paradise set, I hadn’t realized it was incomplete. I only recently tracked down the 12th and final figure so I could do a review!

Of the 12 figures, 10 are unique species, and of the two that have been previously made, one is a magnet figurine and the other is a tentative ID based on wing shape rather than color pattern.

These are porcelain figurines. They are very well made but are very fragile. They are not toys to be played with. Each species is displayed on a specific plant as well and are marketed with both the butterfly’s and flower’s names. I assume the plants are native to where the butterfly is from, but I am not a botanist and didn’t feel like researching.

While as porcelain figures I realize this set is not for everyone, this is a great opportunity to get nearly a dozen unique species!

On to the figurines, in no particular order:

1. BHUTAN GLORY, Bhutanitis lidderdalii on Himalayan maple (Podophyllum hexandrum)

2. TIGER. Tithorea harmonia on sunshine tree (Tabebuia serratifolia)

3. ROYAL ASSYRIAN, Terinos terpander on Philippine violet (Barleria cristata)

4. RED LACEWING, Cethosia biblis on common white jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

5. BLUE BANDED PEACOCK, Papilio arcturus on Asiatic poppy (Meconopsis grandis)
The only other figure of these I have is a magnet by Doug Walpus Art Studio.

6. SWORDTAILED TORTOISESHELL, Hypanartia paullus on frangipani (Plumeria alba)

7. GAUDY COMMODORE, Precis ocravia on African violet (Saintpaulia ionanthe)

8. FOREST BEAUTY, Paralethe dendrophilus on crossandra (Crossandra infundibuliformis)

9. LILAC TREE NYMPH, Sevenia pechueli on yesterday-and-tomorrow (Brunfelsia calycina)
This figure is misidentified on the accompanying paper as Eunica amelia, which is turn was misspelled as E. amulia.

10. LEOPARD, Phalanta eurytis on periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus)

11. ATOSSA NYMPH, Euriphene atossa on black-eyed Susan (Thunbergia alata)

12. PARADISE BIRDWING, Ornithoptera paridisea
This is the one I bought solo, so I do not have the card indicating what the flower is. I have tried online searches but I cannot find a checklist. This is also the other non-unique species. There is a figure in the K&M Butterflies Nature Tube I have identified as O. paridisea based on wing shape (although the color is more like O. priamus).

I did a review of this set for STS as I see we already had one here. However, those images were lost due to Photoshop. I am copying my review here as well:

Review of the complete set of The Minimum Coexistence: Microbe by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. (2013). While I mainly collect arthropods (and there are two in this set), as a professional microbiologist I cannot resist plankton and protozoa :).

This set contains 6 figures, 5 plus a SECRET. They are all typical gashapon-sized. Four are solid; two need minimal assembly. All six also come with a base (although only one figure has a secure means of attachment) that has the Latin and Japanese names and the size.

Not all the figures are unique, but also none are common (the most common one has only been made four other times).

On to the figures!

1. Euglena acus.
I also have this figure by Kaiyodo (Microcosmos) and Epoch (Ecology of Plankton), as well as a model by EISCO labs.

2. Paramecium caudatum.
This one has also been made a couple times, by Epoch (Ecology of Plankton) and a model by EISCO labs.

3. Spirogyra.
This alga is, to my knowledge, unique (as would be most algal figures I guess...).

4. Closterium moniliferum.
Another unique alga!

5. Daphnia pulex.
This is the 'commonly-made' species in the set, with four other figures by Epoch (Ecology of Plankton) and Kayiodo (Aqua Night Museum; Microcosmos; Enoshima Aquarium).

6. Hypsibius dujardini.
The pride of the set, a tardigrade! I have only four tardigrade figures, but each represent different species!


Animal groups / Re: Plankton and Protozoa
« on: December 15, 2017, 11:58:13 AM »
Plankton Keychain & Magnifier (Epoch)

Euglena, Vorticella, Sea sparkle, Horseshoe worm

The Ecology of Plankton (Epoch), released in 2004, was reviewed by bmathison1972. The same ten figures were released in 2007, each with a loop attached to a keychain and magnifier.

Thanks to Beetle guy for sending me four of the species after a year of searching, shown here removed from the chains.

These were offered for sale to me, but since they appeared to be the same as the main set, I decided to leave them for someone else. Glad they went to you stemturtle!!!!

New for 2018 / Re: Mojo Fun - New for 2018
« on: December 13, 2017, 11:44:02 PM »
Added a walrus; might be another M&B sculpt.

Man you are a talented painter. And I won't like, I am really jealous for this figure ;-). I have searched vigorously online with no luck. I did find the grasshopper on Jauce for 200+ USD but not willing to drop that money (at least for the grasshopper)

Thanks! A lot of time went in it ;-)
The stag beetle is on Yahoo to I think,  but also very expensive.
It sometimes apears on Ebay. I got mine from an israellian seller. I saw them a few times but the US based sellers did not ship to the Netherlands.

if you see one let me know! If you can secure it that would be great. I might even double the price to have you assemble and paint as well hehe ;-)

Man you are a talented painter. And I won't like, I am really jealous for this figure ;-). I have searched vigorously online with no luck. I did find the grasshopper on Jauce for 200+ USD but not willing to drop that money (at least for the grasshopper)

Wow Marcel, that is awesome. That is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to hunt down! Very similar to the Heller and AMT model kits I have presented here. And, this might be the only figure specifically attributed to Lucanus capreolus, a North American species! And your paint job is exquisite. I cannot paint that good (as seen in my model kits).

EDIT: while hunting this down, I did find a cool L. maculifemoratus model kit, but uggh I want L. capreolus!!!!

Other/Miscellaneous / Insects (K&M International - Itsy Bitsies)
« on: December 11, 2017, 12:38:24 AM »
Review of the complete set of Insects by K&M International's Itsy Bitsies series (2009). Recent discussions on the COG Itsy Bitsy bucket of Reptiles got me researching to see if they had a bucket of insects. Nothing by COG, but I did come across this set by K&M International (did K&M take over and re-release COG sets, or is this something entirely different with a similar name?)

It was available on Amazon cheap enough, so I decided to invest in it. Honestly, I was expecting the usual Toy Major-style fare of generic toy bugs. And while many of these are generic, they represent sculpts I have not seen before (and I collect most every variation of generic toy bugs), and they are made of a relatively sturdy, quality plastic.

There are 17 critters, plus a small plant and a plastic rock, all packed within a bucket measuring 9 cm high and 8 cm in diameter. The insects are about 30-45 mm each. A few of them appear to be miniature versions of insects from their Polyvinyl bag set.

The bucket:

Beetles. Now there are some interesting things here. There is a longhorned beetle (might be able to get a genus on it), and a carabid that most-certainly represents Carabus, even painted more like on than the Polyvinyl bag set (the European C. intricatus comes to mind early). There is also a short-winged beetle that may represent the same Polybag figure that, when repainted, looks a lot like a nicrophorine carrion beetle. There also appears to be a possible Cicindela (sens. lato). The lady bug is generic fare.

Orthopteroids. Pretty generic fare of a mantis, grasshopper, and cricket.

Odonota and Hemiptera. The dragonfly is generic, well all three are, but I really like the stink bug and little cicada!

Hymenoptera and Diptera. Usual fare here too, with winged and wingless ants (rather like the latter), bee, and fly.

Arachnids. Generic scorpion and spider; at least the scorpion has a raised tail and for a small generic figure, accurately has 8 legs (many generic bin scorpions are made with 6 legs).

Lepidoptera. Here is the one butterfly, a swallowtail with its wings raised, along with the plant and rock. I might permanently attach the butterfly to the plant (and maybe the lady bug or ant to the rock) to make permanent mini-bases :)

Kaiyodo - Bottlecap series / Re: Souvenirs Entomologiques (Kaiyodo)
« on: December 10, 2017, 02:02:54 PM »
How do you mean that Scarabaeus beetles are flightless?

It's always been my understanding Scarabaeus species cannot fly (despite their depiction as such in Egyptian art). I've snooped around a little and perhaps only the subgenus Mnematium is flightless. Maybe I was misapplying flightlessness in some African species to the entire genus?

Kaiyodo - Bottlecap series / Re: Souvenirs Entomologiques (Kaiyodo)
« on: December 09, 2017, 01:47:38 PM »
Thank you very much for adding these Andre!

New for 2018 / Re: Mojo Fun - New for 2018
« on: December 08, 2017, 05:39:28 PM »
updated with a pair of mustangs and an elephant seal. These are Maia & Borges models; Mojo has recently collaborated with M&B and will be releasing some of their sculpts with updated paint jobs.

New for 2018 / Re: Papo - New for 2018
« on: December 08, 2017, 01:58:54 PM »
Wonderful terrestrial mammals; also love the rattlesnake and macaw

I have over half of these large DX figures and this D. alcides may be my favorite among them. Maybe because this is not a 'typical' species (such as D. hopei).

Collections / Re: Recent acquisitions
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:28:12 PM »
Two holy graills arrived. ;D

From the F-Toys creatures of the waterside set. Laccotrephes japonensis (left, misspelled as japonennsis on the accompanying card) and Ranatra chinensis (right).

Been looking for years for these two, These together with the Giant waterbug (Lethocerus deyrollei) and the diving beetle (Cybister japonicus) which I allready had, where the ones I wanted from the set.

Good job Beetle Guy. That was a Holy Grail set for me too but i was lucky to get it complete years ago. Only water scorpion figures I'm aware of.

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