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Classifieds / Abundant Tomy ANIA Dinosaurs + Animals for sale
« on: October 05, 2017, 02:45:13 AM »
Hello everyone!

I am selling my giant lot of ANIA Dinos and Safari Animals figurines from the Takara Tomy line! It is a lot of 29 figures and they are sealed in their packets. I noticed that they can also come in little boxes as seen on eBay. Buying only one of these from eBay can be a pain since they tend to be over 10 dollars each and that does not include shipping!

The lot of 29 will cost $90.00 + $12.00 shipping.

The numbers and letters in the parenthesis below are the actual name of the toys. Check eBay and you will see how expensive they are. 

You will get:

7 T-Rex figures (AL-01)
6 Triceratops (AL-02)
5 Stegosaurus (AL-03)
3 Gorillas (AS-09)
5 Crocodiles or Alligators (AS-08)
3 Lions (AS-01)
2 Elephants (AS-02)

29 in total

This is an excellent deal that cannot be missed

I use paypal. I do not want to use eBay due to the ridiculous fees.

Reply or message me if you are interested!

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