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Classifieds / various brands and MONSTER HUNTER figures
« Last post by sauroid on Today at 07:23:08 AM »
some of these are still available:

also available for trade are these Monster Hunter figure builder plus by CAPCOM brand new sealed in plastic (no box)
Tetsucabra (from V2)

White Monoblos (from V3)

Collections / Re: Recent acquisitions
« Last post by AcroSauroTaurus on August 21, 2017, 11:41:34 PM »
Got these today.
Animal groups / Mammals of Australia
« Last post by postsaurischian on August 21, 2017, 08:55:10 PM »
                             The mammals of Australia are so exceptional, especially the marsupials and monotremes.
                     I thought they should have a thread of their own. Please show your mammalian Aussie creatures!

            I'm starting with my small collection. First there is this new line from Down Under called Southlands Replicas.
           All figures are in 1:15 except for the tiny species (Quoll, Brushtail Possum, Platypus & Echidna) which are in 1:12.
                  I'm not a completist at all, but I will follow this line and get each and every new species they'll release.
                                                   They're wonderful little figures and IN SCALE to each other!!!

                                                          Red Kangaroo male & Eastern Grey Kangaroo female

                                                   Southlands Replicas Spotted Tail Quoll, Science & Nature Quoll

  Southlands Replicas Northern Koala female (on the tree), on the floor: Science & Nature small, Noah’s Pals and Mojö Koala

                                                 Lumholtz's Tree Kangaroo male & Mountain Brushtail Possum

                                Science & Nature Bandicoot (small), Leadbeater's Possum & Kaiyodo Sugar Glider

                                 Science & Nature Quokka and Numbat (on the tree), small Possum on the floor

                                                                             A small selection of Platypus:
                                           CollectA  -  unknown Australian brand  -  Safari  -  Southlands Replicas  -  Papo

                                                      Echidna - Science & Nature (small) and Southlands Replicas

                        Southlands Replicas Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat male, Science & Nature small Wombat


                                          Thylacine - Takara Tomy ARTS, CollectA female, Southlands Replicas male

                                                        Tasmanian Devil - Southlands Replicas male, CollectA
CollectA / Re: Monarch Butterfly (CollectA)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on August 20, 2017, 07:28:33 PM »
I have recaptured these images!
CollectA / Re: Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (CollectA)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on August 20, 2017, 07:24:42 PM »
I have recaptured these images.
I have recaptured images for this figure too.

I will probably re-do a couple CollectA figures as bear with me as I get images back.
Safari Ltd - Other lines / Re: Insects (Safari LTD - Authentics Collection)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on August 20, 2017, 01:15:27 AM »
Oops, looks like I missed a set. So I have now recaptured images for this set.

By the way, TAI mentions a ladybug as well. My set came as a boxed set with just these five, without a ladybug. It is possible this set was released multiple times with different species compositions.
Forum business / Re: The Great Photobucket Purge
« Last post by bmathison1972 on August 19, 2017, 11:38:31 PM »
I have updated all of my reviews of sets, a few 'taxonomic' groups, and a handful of the more interesting single-figure walkarounds. That's probably all I am going to do, at least for the foreseeable future. For some of the single figures I am not recapturing, I will probably revisit them in the form of 'set reviews'.
Again I don't have images prior to August 2016 and don't have the desire to recapture images of every single-figure walkaround.
Any other links of mine can be deleted.

I have used my administrative rights and started deleting entire threads of mine with lost images (as long as others have not posted their images on that thread).

On the plus, I have already added 4-5 new complete set reviews :)
Other/Miscellaneous / Re: treehopper (New Ray)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on August 19, 2017, 07:58:31 PM »
OK, one last one, I have recaptured these images for Postimage.

Will probably be the last one 'redone'.
Other/Miscellaneous / Re: Creatures of the Waterside (F-toys)
« Last post by bmathison1972 on August 19, 2017, 07:19:43 PM »
Thanks! really looking for the Laccotrephes japonensis and the Ranatra chinensis. If you ever get doubles ;-)....

The set pops up on eBay periodically. If I ever see it, you will be the first to know!
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