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Classifieds / Photo Contest in Likaon Wildlife Models Shop
« on: November 28, 2014, 02:28:53 PM »
Hi friends, I'm not sure if this is the right section to post the information like this. Anyway I'm happy to inform about the first photo contest by Likaon Wildlife Models Shop :D

If you like to participate send us a nice photo of the figures from our shop or your own handmade animals and make a chance to win:

1st place : 15% discount for one animal in your future purchase in Likaon Wildlife Models Shop
/and if there will be more than 40 competitors the special prize will be added - Limited Edition Pronghorn figure by Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko, painted version/

2nd place : 10% discount for one animal in your future purchase in Likaon Wildlife Models Shop

3rd place : 5% discount for one animal in your future purchase in Likaon Wildlife Models Shop

The photo must contain animal created by any of the artists from Likaon Wildlife Models shop or any of the works of: Joan Milelire Soler, Anna Dobrowolska-Oczko, Harriet Knibbs or Jose Miguel Aparicio Santos. It can be model painted by you or someone else but sculpture of one of these artists, but NOT the toys animals even designed by any of these persons. Also it can be discontinued model by any of those persons. OR it can be your HANDMADE animal (but NOT the customised toys). Wild animals will be preferred.

The photo should not be bigger than 1000pixels x 800pixels and should be in format ".jpg" , it should be sent by email to: [email protected] . In the email you need also to write your name and the information that you have read and agree for terms and conditions. More details and terms and conditions are to find on following site:

Hi friends! Our shop Likaon is growing! And since today you can find there also Miguel's works!!! :D

Check this link, all works by Miguel are to find in Eurasian animals section of the shop: 

Welcome on Likaon Miguel!! :D Here the amazing works of Miguel, many of you know them I think but just to remind :)


Eurasian Lynx

Iberian Lynx


Iberian Ibex:



All photos by Miguel (Signatus) :D

Kaiyodo - Animatales / Iriomote Cat (Kaiyodo animatales)
« on: November 13, 2014, 12:43:21 PM »
Hi friends!
I decided to make walk around of my recent addition: Iriomote cat (Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis) made by Kaiyodo in 2014.
The figure is made of typical Kaiyodo hard and quite brittle plastic (compared to let's say Schleich plastic). As often with Kaiyodo it is puzzle figure so it comes in parts which need to be assembled at home. Though the lines are not very visible when it's done. The dimensions are: L 62mm ; H 36 millimetres; W 17 mm. So scale is around 1:11 - 1:12 (adult Iriomote cat is about 60 cm long excluding tail) 

More info about Iriomote cats can be found on wikipedia:

Comparison with other Kaiyodo Iriomote cat, the one from Natural Monuments of Japan.

And comparison with Papo tigress.

I must say I really like this figure, it has lovely detail and pose and I think it's very accurate. Also I love the species choice. I wish Kaiyodo would produce whole line of small wild cats from many places around the world.

Classifieds / Limited edition resin Grevy's zebra by Ana for sale
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:58:01 AM »

As some of you may have read in "Animal art" section of this forum my latest work is Grevy's zebra model in scale 1:22. The mould is ready and I can make and sell copies. I will sell mainly unpainted ones but I think I can paint no more than 4 copies yet if someone request it. For the unpainted ones I have following prices:

45 Euro - raw model
55 Euro - prepped model

Additional cost is shipping: 13 Euro for European countries and 24 Euro to any other place in the world.

For all who order unpainted version yet in October I will give 5% discount.

Additionally I will make a special painting tutorial for this model, I will show you how to do it step by step but patience you need to use from your own reserves. ;)

For the price of painted version please PM me.

Here  is the photo of unpainted version:

And the painted one:

Even more photos are in this thread:

Thank you for letting me share :)

Hi! I would like to show you my latest project: the miniature Grévy's zebra (Equus grevyi) in scale 1:22.

Classifieds / 4 figures of Nyala male for sale
« on: September 17, 2014, 02:31:51 PM »
Hello! I have now 4 painted  figures of Nyala for sale. They had been reserved for collectors but later the orders were canceled by them.
You can learn about the price and see even more pictures on them also on Likaon ( Thank you for letting me share! :D

Hello friends! (I'm not sure if this is in the right section of this forum?)

Some of you probably noticed that my old website animal-gallery does not longer exist. I wasn't completely satisfied with it and I decided to open new one, with the name a bit more adequate to name of my company Horse and Bird :D It's also easier to update for me than the old one, so I will try to update it more regularly :D

I will be happy to add  there also links to websites of members of Animal Toy Forum (animal model related website, collections, handmade models but also, if you have such websites with info about diverse animals), please write your addresses in comments if you like me to add yours. :D

Thank you for letting me share. ;)

*CLICK here to visit my website*

Classifieds / New shop with handmade animal figures
« on: April 10, 2014, 09:14:05 PM »
Hi! This year me and Joan Milelire opened new online shop with figures of wild animals. The shop is called Likaon Wildlife Models Shop and you can find there figures handmade by Joan, Harriet Knibbs and by me. Here is the link: 

We would be happy if you have a look  :D

Thank you for letting me share this news with you.

Hello friends,

I would like to show You one of my newest work (however i started this last year). It's male Nyala antelope (Nyala angasii or Tragelaphus angasii) in scale 1:22. Edition of this figure is limited to 40 copies but it is still possible to order ( I will edit this post if it will be not available anymore)

The male Nyala is part of the project "Nyala pair" and as You can read in title of this post, there is also female Nyala figure, which is sculpted by Harriet. She will post photos of her work in this topic later today.  :D

I wasn't sure if this topic should be posted in this section or "custom animals" section so if it's in not right place, please move it ;)

Now photos :) Hope You like him ;)

And here, size comparison with CollectA eland :)

Other/Misc. / Divers/Loons (Maia and Borges - Water birds)
« on: January 12, 2013, 01:58:15 PM »
Two of my favorite groups of birds are divers/loons and owls :) In 2012 finally 2 species of loons were introduced to toy market, the company which did them is Maia and Borges. Company comes from Portugal and in the past they produced sea life animals in 1:32 for Schleich. Now they have main two series: Water birds and Sea life (with many molds used before for schleich) :)
These two divers are my favorite figures of this company. I would like, however, to get all other water birds from them in the future too! (and I hope they could make two remained species of loons in coming years, haha, or at least black throated diver)  :)) ::)

This one is Northern Loon :)

And here, his relative, Red Throated Diver :)

I think divers are wonderful birds, they are among my favorites. Of course they do have beautiful patterns, feathers and shape but most of all I like their voices, I wish to see (and hear) them in real life one day :D

Schleich / Tawny Owl (Schleich forest life)
« on: January 12, 2013, 09:42:10 AM »
We had already reviews of two other Schleich owls so I thought it may be good time to show the Tawny Owl, the earliest one from Schleich owls' trio :) I like this figure very much  :))

And here size comparison with Schleich Snowy Owl :)


CollectA / Okapi (CollectA Wildlife)
« on: December 31, 2012, 12:44:59 PM »
CollectA okapi male with young are very nice pair of figures :) I took couple of photos of them few months ago and thought it would be nice to share them here  ::)

 :) :) :)

CollectA / Gorilla (CollectA Wildlife)
« on: December 31, 2012, 12:36:44 PM »
This is CollectA gorilla male figure. Perhaps it's not the best gorilla figure available but it's quite special in my opinion because it seems to represent young male instead of silver back full grown one (like in many other brands). So it may be interesting additions to any apes figures collection :) Some says this figure looks like Western gorilla but CollectA do not describe it in catalog :)


Some close ups on his face, quite interesting one I must say  ::)

And here size comparison with Schleich male gorilla :)

Bullyland / Elephant seal (Bullyland)
« on: December 31, 2012, 12:23:22 PM »
These models are retired from few years. Elephant seal male and baby. It's hard to say for me whether is it Northern or Southern species.  ??? Size of adult is similar to Schleich elephant seal - it's about 20 cm long.

Here with Safari LTD Harp seal for size comparison:

Some close ups:

They are ones of my favorite Bullyland figures and they were gift from dear friend :D

 ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

Safari Ltd - Other lines / African elephant (Vanishing Wild, Safri LTD)
« on: December 30, 2012, 11:27:02 AM »
I think it's probably my favorite toy African bush elephant so far. Even though it was retired few years ago it is still not so hard to find (unlike some other animals from this line which are very rare now) I was lucky to find both: mother and baby with tag :D On the tag scale was described as 1:15, however it may be between 1:20-1:15. Dimensions of adult are: 19 cm high in shoulder and total length 30cm.

Photo together with young.

And some more photos of adult one:

These two are my only figures from Vanishing Wild. :)

New Members / Hello, I'm Ana
« on: December 13, 2012, 10:49:00 PM »
Some of You know me from other forum perhaps :) . I collect animal figures since 2005 (mainly mammals and birds but also some reptiles), it's my hobby and craziness :) I also sculpt animal figures and I'm always interested to learn something new about animals of course :D I was reading some posts of this forum from couple of days and I already learnt about few species I didn't know before, thanks for that   ^-^

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